Hot off the press. Tenga introduces their latest product:

One reason why Tenga had impressed so many and will continue to do so is because they keep coming up with useful and innovative sex toys to keep us boys occupied. Let’s face it. Sex is an intimate thing and is probably the only thing – oher than money – that has this amazing power and appeal when we talk about human motivation or needs.

Their latest invention promises to thrill and excite, and like its previous products, is also discreet – wonderful for a guy like me who needs to travel from cities to cities. Girls I have plenty, guys come easy but for those nights of emergency, nothing can sooth me more than a cup of warm milk and Tenga.

Unlike Tenga onacup, I expect the Egg (or onacap) to be a bit more messy. But I will try to be open-minded and give it a shot before I comment.

Found this video so I like to share this here. Enjoy:
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