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But the next moment he started to pinch my erection. I opened my eyes in shock cos I was not expecting it. And he just smiled. OK he’s starting to tease me now I thought. I felt very vulnerable and akward. Should I smile or get offended (wait, that would be over-reacting…). I have no idea how for that split second – I can like have like a million ideas rushing through my mind at the same time.

I decided to give an apologetic smile and hope he will just continue with the rest of the massage and I will survive the night, but no… when he started to work on my right leg and then the right thigh, I literally just want to wank it there and then. I was so hard I can just explode. It was antagonizing!

Then the unexpected happened. He moved close to my side and whispered to me you are handsome. I gave an uneasy nod and without saying anything else he reached into my pants and started to jack me. I bolted and instinctively grabbed his offending hand by the wrist but I cannot brush him away still. I mean I would love to be jacked that moment … so for a few seconds we froze in that position. Then I heard the snoring… so my ‘boss’ is asleep! He gave another smile and I get the sense that my fear were unwarranted. He must have known that I was just concerned about being found out.

I released my grip and by now my rod was like rock hard and so he proceeded to pump me. Half the time I could not believe this is happening. I also wonder if he have been doing this for quite a while and struggled with minute  questions like this until all I wanted was to reach orgasm. My balls were aching and penis sore but still it is not happening. Then, using his other hand, he took some of the massage oil and applied it to my swollen dick and continued to jack me. With the oil, it was not long before I surrender my juice and came.

He took a towel and had me cleaned up promptly, and proceed with the rest of the massage as if nothing had happened. I soon fell into a deep sleep and woke up refreshed after he tapped me gently on my shoulder and said thank you. I said thanks and like him pretended the whole episode never happened.

He then went out to fetch me another cup of warm tea and left me in the room to change back into my clothes. I got changed and went to the reception to make payment, and I prepared a big tip for this guy that gave me the best relief. He accepted the tip graciously and smile reassuringly. I took a good look at him and noticed he looked every bit as straight as me, and he aint too bad looking either.

I am so glad he did not make a big fuss, and instead gave me a helping hand when I needed it the most. I returned to that place for my massage subsequently most of the time by myself and asked for him specifically, and each time whenever little kirk misbehaved, he will deal with it quite naturally and masturbate me like it was part of the routinue.

Once I even asked him if he is married and he answered matter-of-factly that he is seeing this girl and hope to get married in 5 years time. And suddenly it dawn on me that he is just as straight as me.


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