Bangkok is a fantastic city. And it has a great night life: you can have everything here! Food, bargains, good looking people, and loads of SEX!

One of my other most memorable encounter was in Bangkok. I know the girls are gorgeous but I am not stupid. HIV infection there is high and I guess it may be out of control, so I steered clear from them. That was when I noticed the guys there. The thing is, I cant tell if they like me as I am or they like me cos I am white. Anyway, would not want to get involved with the local guys either: just want to do my job and move on to the next location, Houston Texas.

I suppose that was not a good strategy cos by the 4 day (without sex), I was ready to burst. Painful erections kept me awake at night and I kept thinking about sex and nothing but sex. Masturbating just wont do it for me. The streets of Bangkok are filled with gorgeous people and their killer smiles!

So what can a sexually active horny guy do in the Land of (Killer) Smiles, and gorgeous hunks and beautiful gals? I decided the next best thing to do is to put the pent up sexual energy to good use: I will just spent it at the gym. So I head back to my hotel after work and used the gym there as much as possible.

But there is a problem. You get to use the energy but you also get sores and bodyaches. The diet there is such that getting enough protein is a real challenge so naturally body cannot repair itself fast enough. So when a colleague suggest he wants a massage, I decided to tag along. I mean, he is not the boss but in charge of me, so I would dare to mess around even if temptation gets strong.

Yeah, right! That was the plan.

Avoiding massage outlets with hunks and gals, I deliberately chose one which is tucked away at a corner and had less attractive therapists. So we went in and were warmly greeted. The Thais have this wonderful way to make you feel at home. Love their culture. Maybe this is why Bangkok is special to me.

Anyway, we were asked to select the therapist. I said we wanted therapist with strong hands cos we are big guys and need a good rub so let them decide for us. They said no problem and we can change therapist if we are not happy. After that we were led to small individual rooms and told to change into their loose-fitting clothings.

I slide the door close and changed into them quickly and get comfortable on the mat. Was not long before a young chap appeared. He’s got quie dark complexion and I think he’s in his late 20’s. Anyway place was dark and I couldnt really tell.

He proceeded to serve me a hot drink and asked me to lie down facing the ceiling and started to work on my body. I heard my ‘boss’ ask his therapist questions like where they got their training and things like that so I figured he probably can hear my conversations very easily as well, so there’s no way I can ask for anything more than a massage.

I was wrong. Midway, when he was working on my leg (upper thigh), I spot an erection and I was so aroused. I am not kidding you. I started to blame myself cos I thought I am in a real fix. I thought of excusing myself and rush tothe toilet to wank it off but how was I to walk to the toilet with an erection like that!?!

I shut my eyes tight and hope he will not notice or mind and that little-kirk will go back to sleep. That was when I felt a light brush. The accident made my erection worse! I was so aroused I had to bite my lower lips. I thought if he’s gonna be the situation the whole one and half hours, this guy is gonna kill me slowly.

The next thing I know, he is massaging me at my groin. I thought it was the end of me. I will cum and he will tell his co-workers and have a laugh at my expense. I will have to avoid this place in the future – never to show my face here again. At that moment, I find it hard to breathe, I thought of asking him to go out for a moment, and other way to escape. All this while he act as if he is just brushing against my dick accidentally. Man I hated him!

But the next moment he started to pinch my erection. I opened my eyes in shock cos I was not expecting it. And he just smiled. OK he’s starting to tease me now.

To be continued…

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