Was putting up a FAQ about myself to make life easier and I recalled this horrifying incident. Thought I elaborate more on it and maybe help people to fend off a similar attack.

Still pissed at the idiots from pulling a stunt like that on me but on reflection maybe I have led them on without meaning to so I accept part of the blame. But if I do ever run into them again, I swear I will hurt them again as much as I could.

We were having a small celebration at the local pub – 6 of us, all team members of a project group. The project was a success and we went crazy. It means most of us get to go back home to our family one week earlier – that’s 7 days!

Had a few rounds of drinks and we were at the top of the world. The girls were pretty much wasted within an hour and one of the boys said he will send them back to the hotel. So it was just the 2 of us me and another chap left. We ordered more booze and it was at this moment he said he needed to use the bathroom. So off he went.

Servers came to our table and placed a drink I dont remember ordering and she said it was from this guy who is sitting at a corner. I am used to accepting drinks from strangers, and thought nothing much of it. I mean I heard of people getting duped but it never occurred it would happen to me. So it was bottoms-up and a simpe nod to show my thanks. And I thought that was about it.

Co-worker came back and we finished most of what we have ordered, so we decided to head back to our hotel upstairs. We are quite wasted but still managed to get our butts to the elevator without causing too much of a scene.

As I exit the lift, I did not notice that the other 2 passengers also get off at the same floor. I only sense them when I was about to reach the door of my hotel room. It was at that moment they jumped on me and started to restrain me and dragged me into my room. 

I kicked and punched with all my strength but they were strong and held me down good, the other guy had his arm tightly wrapped around neck making it hard for me to breathe let alone yell for help. I thought about what they want with me and if they just want to rob me. The other one ask if they should tie me up and the answer was not necessary since I had taken the pill and instruct the other guy to hold me down and wait. I was still somber and I thought maybe I can pretend to pass out and see what they want – I assumed they just wanted to rob me.

The next thing I remembered is they were undressing me and carassing me all over and I heard a voice besides my ear saying shit like you are ours tonight, you are gonna enjoy this and we are gonna make you remember this night for the rest of your life.

They were carassing me all over now that they had removed my shirt and pants. And they were rubbing my crotch and planting kisses all over my face body and nipples. But I know I need to lay still first and think. Then one of them shove his hand into my brief and started to fondle me. Shit I am gonna get raped!

My eyes were closed but I can sense and hear what they were doing. The guy who is fondling me pulled down my briefs and began to suck my dick. But when the other guy stood up and walked towards the door (I presummed he wanted to lock it) I jumped up, threw a quick punch at the guy who is lapping at my dick to throw him off balance. I backed quickly to near the window and grabbed the glass ash tray (which was quite huge) as my weapon. One of the guy lunged at me and I smashed the tray as hard as I could on his head and face but I realised I am loosing strength fast. The pain caused him to back off and the other guy just pull him back. I can sense they knew the drug will eventually kick in and I will be rendered helpless. With the last bit of strength, I hurl the glass ashtray at the window, smashing it instantly. This was my last and only shot and I sank to the floor like a brick. The drug had finally kicked in.

The next thing I remembered I woke up in the hospital. One of my team member was there and she told me what had happened. She said the window I broke caused a loud noice and many thought it was a bomb going off so they came to my room to investige only to find me unconscious and naked.

I told her what happened and she said I was lucky in that the commotion I created would surely have scared the shit out of them so they probably had ran off without doing anything to me.

Somehow I still think about the incident and it still haunts me but I am glad I had escaped unhurt and un-raped. I also feel sorry about those less fortunate who were victims of date-rapes or had been drugged. Those last few moments before they loose consciousness are so terrifying.  I know cos I had been in the same situation. I wish more people know about the dangers of accepting drinks from strangers and how vulnerable they can be all alone and drunk.