Been receiving lots of questions about TENGA lately as if I were the manufacturer. Unless you speak Japanese, ask them the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’, or you can direct your questions or comments to the good people at who ships TENGA products worldwide.

I dont work for TENGA, or have a business in TENGA. I work for an MNC and I fly all over the world (yeah, lucky me). On one of my trips I had an encounter with an Asian dude (Read story here). We had a wild session at the airport but I did not get his name. He used a TENGA cup on me so I called him Tenga especially since he was the one who introduced me to it. He gave me the ultimate blowjob that made me miss him in a sexual sort of way even till today. It is like a kind of addiction. He is so good he should be a professor at a college teaching young virgins how to give a blowjob. I would recommend my girl to attend. Hell, I would pay for her course fees if Tenga were to conduct the workshop.

I like TENGA (masturbation cups from Japan cos it is the most fantastic adult toy I have tried and love. TENGA cups are better than my hand, better than some pussies I have tried and better than some of the blowjobs I had received. Period!

I may sound like I am promoting this Jap adult toy.  But I am not paid for promoting TENGA, nor do I have a business related to TENGA. Do not ask me if I sell TENGA – I dont. I use them, love them, but I dont sell them. Get your TENGA here. I recommend TENGA if you have not tried it, have an active interest in sex toy, or wants to spice things up if you are a regular masturbator like me. I masturbate 156 days a year, and I have sex 156 days a year, and I rest 53 days each year. Go do the math and you understand what I am talking about.

I also have this fascination with guys, some how I have tasted forbidden meat and I love it. I do have my limits. I am pure top and I dont give blowjob, I dont kiss a guy on the mouth either… Not me. Yeah I am selfish in that aspect but like I said, it is just me. I want a blowjob and a fuck with a good looking dude and still hang out with him with my buddies at the end of the day and have him meet my girl if you know what I mean.

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