I was visiting my sister in Australia Perth when she invited me to attend her ‘boyfriend’s’ graduation ceremony at the local university. Having nothing much to do I agreed.

Perth is a nice slow place. People are friendly but they go about their own business. Quite, peaceful and clean, it is a great place to settle down and start a family but it was just not my kind of place, especially for a horny guy like me – at least not for now. What I am trying to say is that I am bored shitless in paradise. If Heaven is gonna be this peaceful and boring. I am not going…

Maybe it was my fault to begin with: I should have made plans to meet somebody then I thought maybe someone will find me instead. Big mistake.

Like most college graduation, there were inspiring (but boring) speeches, lots of smiling faces, photo-shoots everywhere, proud parents. Having went without sex for the past 4 days, I was horny and all I could think about was how to get laid so I was not concentrating on what’s really happening around me. I thought about going to the city but the bus ride is such a put off. I thought about calling a hooker but I have got no place cos I am putting up at Megan’s place. Then I started to think about all those steamy sessions with this Russian model and started to have a major hardon. I decided to excuse myself to head for the toilet but Megan insisted I wait till I had seen her ‘boyfriend’. She just had this major crush on him and that guy dont even know her existence. She had been having this major crush on him (and been stalking him) for the past 2 years – and I found out later that she was not the only girl who was crazy about him. There were a website set up in his honor to worship him!

Great! I had to endure the ENTIRE thing. At that moment I just wanted to head home, have a bath and jack off. My erection is killing me and I had to concentrate on something else other than sex so I wont end up gropping myself in public. Yet everywhere I turn, I seem to see my Russian model in the faces of the girls around me, and I knew it is probably retribution for dumping her when she started to become very clingy. She had this pair of long slender legs most guys would kill for and lips so sweet they are like tangerines. It was such a real pity to let her go but I had to when she started to talk about kids and shit. She just drove me away slowly but eventually with this non-stop talk about getting married, have kids, and things like that…

“There he is! Isnt he cute? Look, Look coming up the stage…!”

My thought were rudely interrupted by Megan’s non-stop squealing. She was acting like some silly 15 year old, and it was not long before I understand why he had this power over her and so many people. On the stage was this guy with the most gorgeous face and body like the ancient greek gods – tall, strong, masculine, and handsome, with nice clear skin, with blond wavy hair. He’s a looker and can easily stop traffic. I was trying to determine the kinds of sports he would play and honestly I think he can do everything well from swimming to rugby to wrestling given his height, built and the looks in his eyes. Te sight of him caused a familar stir in me: an emotion so savage and raw, a desire I had almost manage to ignore for months. A lust so dark I fought very hard to bury. And this Todd caused this buring urge to surface like the sunk Titanti, without trying, he had aroused the sleeping dragon of the deep… “Isnt he CUTE!?!” Megan again broke my hyponic stare when she held my arm and was jumping up and down like a bunny, desperately trying to catch a better look of him. 

I had a visual lock on him like an amed missle and tracked him as he moved from the stage to his seat where he re-joined his folks. I saw him hugged and kissed his girlfriend passionately, and turned back to accept congrats from friends and fellow graduates sitting behind him. It was this moment when I thought he saw me and gave a wink!

Soon the ceremony came to an end and promptly I excused myself and headed to the toilet. Trying to avoid the crowd, I walked on further to look for a more deserted toilet for some uninterrupted time alone. I was angry at myself for agreeing to come all the way to some stupid event just so my sis can indulge in her fantasy while I cannot satisfy mine. But I am determined to find some release.

As expected, the toilet was empty so I entered and went into a stall at the exteme end. I quickly slipped out of my jeans and began to pleasure myself but I soon hear footsteps entering the toilet and this person took the stall next to mine. I thought dammed! Was it that hard to be completely alone? I decided to continue anyway and ignore that person the best I can and indulge in my private masturbation fantasy. I realised I am no longer thinking about the Russian. I am actually fantazing about Todd fucking that girl beside him!

I guess I was really going at it when I sense a presense beside me. I opened my eyes and noticed that there was this hole in the wall and I thought I heard noises of someone’s deep breathing. I thought of taking a peep but was afraid of getting caught and getting into trouble so I relied on my hearing to listen to whoever it is do whatever he is doing. This guy was beathing hard and was even moaning. I soon came to a conclusion that this guy is probably here for the same reason as me: trying to get off.

My temptation got the better of me and I looked through the hole but I had a hard time trying to make out exactly what I was looking at. So I leaned closer to the hole and I saw a muscular pair of hands on an enormous dick with the biggest head. I am big too but I think this guy is bigger than me by at least one inch.  I resumed masturbating and I began to like this stranger’s presence as the sounds he was making is also turing me on. Suddenly I noticed that he had re-positioned himself to face me (or the hole where I was peeping). I began to wonder if he knew he was being watched. It was when he stood up and came closer to the hole did I understand that this was no accident: this chap had followed me here like he knows what I am up to in the first place!

My natural instict was to abort the whole thing and run off but my hand would not quit jacking. He came even closer to the wall and I can see his feet coming into my stall through the gap on the floor. I did the same and moved closer to take a better look. It was at this moment I saw a face, (or parts of a face) and heard a voice, come over.

I froze. And I thought why the heck not? So I took my jeans off the the hook, opened the door and went into his stall in one swift move. And there he is. Todd the college stud. I was speechless.

He said he noticed me when he was going back to his seat and was attracted to me. So when he saw me head to the toilet he followed and had a better look at me. He tried to give his name but I interrupted him and said I know his name, he just smiled and said, well, nice to meet you Kirk.

He gave me a big hug and swat down, pulled down my briefs, and blew me without another word. I kept looking at his head, his handsome face, his nose, and my dick bobbing in and out of his mouth. He seems to be really enjoying himself, and so was I.

I swat down and tore off his shirt and tie to reveal a torso so beautiful it looked perfect like those marble statues. His face had the most beautiful eyes and nose and cheek-bones and soft furry facial hair. Without knowing why I kissed him on his lips but he pulled away and knelt down to blew me again. This time, I can feel the sense of urgency and desperation, his tongue was slurpping all over my shaft and carassing my sensitive penis head. Unlike most girls, he excites all the pleasure spots on my dick and I soon myself thrusting into his mouth, and moaned loudly as I do so. I was oblivious to my surroundings, I just want to have this pleasure!

It was not long when I felt I was going to cum so I stopped thrusting. But this guy was not going to let me have my way, cos he stopped whatever he was doing as well and waited for me to cool off and postpone the urge to climax. He continued to torture me for a while before I beg him to let me cum. And he said sure only if I promise to cum inside his mouth. I did not answer him but continue to pump into his face viciously and fuck his mouth like it deserves it . Soon I felt it coming and he shoved my dick deep into his throat while holding onto his shoulders for support, moaning loudly as I came.

I slumped back to the wall and behind me and that was when he pushed me down into a swat position and proceed to jack off. I had a good look at his dick and I was really envious. I thought about returing the favour to suck him off too but before I do anything he came all over my face, moaning loudly and wildly, and collapsed onto the floor, and place his head onto my chest, panting heavily.

We cleaned ourselves up and exchanged contact numbers and email addresses. We emailed each other but did not call. I had no chance to go back to Perth even when I visited Australia but I am glad to experience this encounter even if we had no chance to meet up for another session.