I thought it was just promotional gimmick until I finally had a chance to test this great thing from Japan. And yup all the wait is just worth it. The greatest fear of buying things online is that you may not get the product and worst, cannot get your money back, so that is why when I first started buying my tenga from tengatango.com I am impressed that I got my orders exactly on time and they even provided me an update on the status of my order via email. So naturally I stayed with them… they have also allowed me to use their videos and pictures from their website. LOL!

Apparently, the Fliphole is so hot it was out of stock for weeks according to tengatango.com. It arrived via mail this morning in a simple plain brown box… good thing too else my sis would have asked me a hell load of questions. She did ask why I need to buy a Japanese cup – I said it was collectors item so she left me alone after that.

At one glance, the fliphole looks like some very sci-fi object from StarTrek. It even resembles the bomb in Die Hard movie, with 3 lotions in the package. SWEET!

And it smelt nice too. Yeah I know I sniff everything. Not many people know this but I live by the scents I pick up. I smell the person before we have sex. Dont get me wrong – I am NOT into odor. I want clean fresh scent of a man. So far Chinese smelt the best. There was this guy that smelt like baby powder – I lost interest in him before we even got there. Another guy smelt like mint in the sun, I just went wild… he had to ask me to stop nibbling on him halfway through.

OK I digress. The fliphole smell plastic and rubber – like a new car interior. Like it was manufactured the day before! And that, makes it so fucking sexy!

I love the details that goes into it – the design and attention to details, the color choice, and where the 3 bottles of lotions are located, the shape of the lotion bottles, there are no obscene pictures of naked women or men, genitals, breasts, sales pitch. Nothing to make me want to hide this SEX TOY! There is nothing I do not like about the Fliphole! Ok, I have to go wash up and try out this toy so I got to stop here for now.

my latest toy... kawaiee

my latest toy... kawaiee