A 11-year old boy walks into a brothel dragging a dead frog behind him.

He goes up to the owner as says

“I’d like a girl please”

So the owner looks at him and says

“You’re a bit young, aren’t you?”

So the boy takes out his wallet, whips out £200 and gives it to her

“Ok” She says, “I’ll see what I can do”

“Theres only one thing” the young lad says, “She must have active herpes.”

“But all my girls are clean!” proclaims the brothel keeper!

So the young lad takes out his wallet again and whips out another £200.

The brothel keeper takes it, and disappears up the stairs. A short time later, she tells the lad his girl is waiting for him up in room 7, and that she has active herpes.

So the young lad walks along, dragging the dead frog, goes up the stairs, bumping the frogs head on every step as he climbs up.

A little while passes, and he comes back down, still with frog in hand, banging the head off every single step. Hes walking out the door when the brother keeper stops him:

“Excuse me little fella, but I have to ask. Why in heavens name did you come into my brothel, asking for a girl with active herpes, dragging a dead frog behind you?”

The lad sighs:

“Well, now that I’ve shagged her, I’ve got it. Now I’ll go home and shag my babysitter, and she’ll get it. Then when my Mum and Dad come back, my Dad will drive the babysitter home, shag her on the way, and he’ll get it. Then tonight my Dad will shag my Mum, and she’ll get it. Then tomorrow morning, when my Dad goes to work, my Mum will shag the milkman, and he’ll get it………