Hey people, sorry for that long absence and lack of updates. Time moves very slowly here even when I am more absorbed into my project – but it also means I should have more time for some naughty fun. Unfortunately this wasnt so… I had brought with me a flip hole and 5 tenga cup set for this trip and thought they would last me for this entire assignment. I am already down to my last tenga (soft tube cup) and last bottle of the flip hole lotion – in other words, it is REALLY hard to get a fuck around here.

But to be fair, if my gf were with me here we we will probably have a lot of fun cos the place is just too gorgeous for words. The fun only begins after I met this dude from the local gym… previously wanted to get it down but I reaslied I have left off the Fiji Gym encounter halfway through so I will re-tell the entire story here… Here goes –


“Spending my time,
watching the days go by…”



Somehow I had this song in my head for the longest time since I landed here in Fiji. Time seems to be at a standstill and I am so bored. Work occupys most of my time but I am out of idea how to spent my personal time after work. The irony is that this place is a paradise and I am sure any girl will marry you if you propose to her here, but there isnt much to do for my case being all alone here with a small handful of coworkers.

The main complain I have with this paradise if that I am also not getting as much action as I hoped, and I was so horny even my colleagues look tempting! So to keep my mind off sex and make good use of my time here, I decided to add on more mass and try to cut fat by another 2%.

The gym is located at this mall which is quite near to our hotel and on one visit there I met this guy.

I never have a habit of making small talks or make friends at the gym cos it interfers with my routinue but I was caught staring at this dude who took the treadmill besides me. I gave an awkward smile and quickly went back to my business but I just cant stop myself from checking him out and I am quite sure he checked me out as well. He is about my height but is not as buff. Not extremely gorgeous but he has got the best looking set of legs. My guess is that if you have nice legs you probably have a nice set of ass as well and nice ass means he will be tight. Wink!

Anyway I was not about to sacrifice my workout for him or anybody else for that matter and it was a good thing I was able to re-focus on my workout and hit the weights without much trouble. Yet I was disappointed that he was nowhere in sight when I was done and about to hit the showers.

Regretting my decision for having let this potential fuck slip away, I headed to the locker thinking how things might have been if I had chatted him up and went for a coffee with him instead. I wondered if I will ever see him again, and I kept thinking how nice it would be to have his legs high up inthe air or on my shoulders as I pump into at his tight hole the whole nite. Make him scream non-stop and beg for more.

Hell! Too late for that now.

Things took an interesting turn when I heard someone at the other section of hte locker room and went to investigate. I almost could not hide the fact that I was happy to see him again – he was reading a magazine. He looked up and gave me a very distinct look: a look that communicated interest and desires but otherwise friendly (like the locals). A look that said a million things without moving the lips.

I introduced myself clumsily and we exchanged some information about ourselves. Then he asked if I had the chance to check out the sauna which the gym is most famous for so I said I did not and told him I wouldnt mind checking it out as I was feeling very sore from my workout.

So I stripped off all my clothes, deliberately showing my body (ok, I was trying to seduce him), and continued with the conversation like 2 regular dudes would. Honestly, I do like that feeling of being watched (with my permission of course).

He led the way to the steam room and took our seats besides each other. We continued to talk about our jobs and joked about the locals. And I learnt that he is a physiotherapist working at a nearby hospital.

He said he wasnt surprised if I felt sore from the workout judging from the weights I lifted and suggest getting a massage at one of those places the locals recommended. He also mentioned that he had helped many bodybuilders and athletes to de-stress. He made some remarks about my shoulders, saying that they are overworked, and asked me if he could massage me. I said sure and he came and sat behind me to give me a demostration of his skills.

I am not into massages generally but some how i enjoyed his touch. The steam which condensed on our body acted like massage oil and he worked on me like  a pro he said he was. I found myself getting limped and started to lean against his body. The steam in the room made me feel very relaxed and his soothing touch soon cause me to get hard down there. Feeling constricted by the towel around my waist, I took off the towel, closed my eyes, and let my head hang forward. He moved closer to me and started to massage my lower back, waist and abs. I can sense him looking at my gradually growing dick, and I could felt his breadth on my neck from time to time.

I let out a moan to indicate my pleasure when he started to work on my waist but touched the small arch at my lower back i literally tensed up and made my dick jumped. He had touched the secret g-spot of mine known only by a handful of my ex-girlfriends.

The next thing I know – i can feel his body against my back like he is hugging me from behind me and his hands started to explore the front of my waist and making their way toward my treasure trail. I had to bit my lips from moaning out loud but I did let out some to encourage him to continue.

I leaned against his body and felt his erection pushing against my back. Good thing he is quite a big guy or he wont be able to support me. His hands are all over me now but still he did not touch my member – they glided in and out of my inner thighs and were brushing against my balls. In fact what ever he was doing reminded me of the manhood massage I tried while in Malaysia, KL some years back.

Finally he found enough courage and took hold of my erected dick and started to travel up the shaft in slow brushing action. Soon, his fingers and thumb met my sensitive dick head and started to make small circles at my piss slit – causing a mixture of pleasure and pain, ectasy and torture. By now my pre-cum is flowing like a river and I can feel them covering my entire manhood.

His fingers on one hand continued their attack on my dick head while the other hand worked on my shaft and balls. My dick head burned like it was on fire and the sensation on my balls were like they are being tickled by a feather.

I usually can last for 25 minutes at least pumping away at a guy in the doggie-style position but I found myself unable to contain myself less than 5 minutes when he found my dick. I was begining to feel the inevitable orgasm and was struggling to breathe and stopped myself from cumming.  

It was then that he whispered “breathe slowly, and try to relax”. I obeyed and the tension eased a bit. His fingers slowed their attacked on my helpless dick somewhat as well but it was at that moment I felt it – 4  cramp-like contractions similar to an orgasm and I thought I came. But I noticed that there was no ejaculation. It felt so much like the real thing except without the cum. So was this the multiple-orgasm they talked about?

“Just concentrate on your breathing…” he whispered gently. I responded by heaving a deep breadth. My dick was now so hard, I could explode any second. And all this while his thumb would draw out more precum to cover my entire dick.

A while later, the sensations was too much for me, and I whispered to him, “let me come now”.  He said “not yet” and continued with his torture. His fingers teased my manhood but at the same time they were not giving me enough sensation to trigger an orgasm. And everytime I manage to bringmyself closer to an orgasm, he would sense it, would slow down and reduce this grip on my shaft… even stopped pumping me altogether. I was totally under his control – it was heaven and it was hell – all in one.

Every stroke he gave me was slow and deliberate, and while I yearned for a release from this pleasurable torture, I dont want it to end. I started to gasp for air, bucking and kicking, and moaning uncontrollably. My body began to tremble as he continued to drive me wild with pleasure… 

The  sensation was very intense and I pleaded again, “please… let me cum!” and started to kick into the air reluctantly and buck my pelvis like I was fucking some invisible person.

Thinking he did not hear me I pleaded again, but i soon realised he intended to ignore me. Soon the ache in my groin became so bad I started to really buck my hips up and down, and my moans became whimpers.

Once I tried to take things into my own hands, and when he sensed it, he dug his thumb deeper into my piss slit causing me much pain, I ended up gripping his wrist instead to stop him from going further into my sore piss slit. He stopped penetrating my slit only when he was certain I got the hint, he continued with the torture.

“Please, please…. I… ” I couldnt speak, I could only whine and grunt.

After what felt like an eternity, he spat into his hands and grab my dick a firmer pressure. Rotating both hands in opposite direction he also pumped them up and down mechanically. The multi-directional effected reminded me so much of the tenga rolling head. My intense workout earlier and his spell-binding and systematic strokes totally drained me and I was too tired to fight him: I could only moaned with delight and move my hips to meet his stroke.

After a short later I finally came (or rather he let me cum). The orgasms itself also lasted like forever. It was like I had inserted my dick into those milking machines in the diary farm and having all my semem pumped out of me – every drop forced out from me with a un-stoppable vengence. The contractions were so intense –  I can feel the tightness of my abs so much it actually hurts.

The release after the hour-long stimulation took alot from me. My body was so limp I could not support myself at all so he gently lowered me down and covered me with his own towel, placed one hand on my chest and played with my nipples, he proceed to jack himself off using his other hand. He took his time to play with himself and after some time he came. Helping me to my feet, he dragged me out of the stream room to the locker area.

He said “pleasure to serve you and hope to see you here again”. He then slipped me his namecard, changed and left.

Took me another half an hour before I was able to gather enough strength and staggered to the showers. As I dried myself off I couldnt help but think that maybe Fiji isnt too bad a place after all, and can only think about making another appointment with my physiotherapist.