It has been hell of a week. Work had slowed down considerably so I had more time to myself. Just want to thank my lucky star that I am no longer in Fiji. Then again, since the appearance of that hot dude, I really would not mind.

More time means more sex! And the best part – sex is everywhere! So in case you had been following my blog (thank you) and wondered what happened… well it is just a case of too much guys, too little time. Happy happy (for most parts). Here’s a quick overview… will expand on it if I had the time.

Day 1:

I went for a coffee at Coffee Connection (Silom). A nice place to chill and have the boys checking me out. Basically I ignore them and wait. Not my intention to play hard to get or be proud but just me way of wanting the other guy to make the first move. It shows 2 things: guts and sincerity. Spotted a group of 4 Chinese dudes who were quite obviously checking me out and one of them was really my type. At one instance, he winked at me after his friends were distracted by a passer-by. I returned the wink and that was when he signalled the server and had him brought me a coffee with his phone number on the paper napkin… we met at his hotel later that evening.

Day 2:

Decided to head to the popular chatuchak weekend market. My plan was to take the train at Saladeng to the station at the weekend market. Did not make it to the destination because I thought I have a massage before the trip. Therapist gave me something more than a massage… I had to go back to my hotel for a shower.

Day 3:

Tried something new with Chinese coffee dude: Bondage. Still haunted by the whole thing – not sure I want to try it again.

Day 4:

Had the therapist over at my hotel room. Had the best handjob and the most awesome fuck ever. Introduced him my tenga collection, and gave him a double hole cup as souvenir.

Day 5:

Visited a spa and had fun with a bear couple. Awesome!

Day 6:

Same spa, same bears, and a muscular Thai dude.  Yes it is an orgy!

Day 7:

Bears and muscular Thai bodybuilder in hotel room.