Bangkok is one of the most charming cities in the world. I can say that cos I am a frequent traveler and I have been to most, if not all the cities and all the countries in this world.

For one thing, i am hugely popular here with the men and women alike. And sex is a everyday affair for me. And the best part, the guys hardly have any hang-ups. the girls are somewhat the same, except they speak so softly i think i am going deaf trying to listen to whatever they are saying.

His name is Pon (or Poon?), dark, quite tall and quite stocky. He was a regular patron at the same massage palour i was using so we struck up a  conversation fairly easily.

I was feeling very sore after an intense workout at the gym earlier one Friday afternoon so I am in no mood to party instead went for a massage instead. It so happened that Pon was there too and we finished our massage at the same time, and he suggested going over to his place for coffee.

His place was a short walk from Silom and was a fairly decent place. Was tempted to ask what he did for a living but thought perhaps it will be too intrusive. He was showing me his stash of pornography and our conversation soon turn to BDSM.

He: So have you tried it before.

Me: Err… no. Not my thing.

He: Would you?

Me: Would I what?

He: Tie you up, gag you, blindfold you, have someone dominate you for a change?

Me: Well…

I dont remember how I let him talk me into it but before I know if he had my wrist tied together with some velcro thingy. He said they are tied quite loosely and I should be able to pull them apart. He also took out restraints for the legs and put it on me.

And then the shock. “Looks like you are in a helpless situation.” he said matter of factly.

I tried to pull the wrist restraints but had loads of problems. I actually struggled quite a bit but they held fast. I realised I amwas in trouble.

he said, “got you now”. I remained quiet. I cant figure how some velcro can oversome me. just doesnt make sense.

Seeing me struggle was probably a turn on for him – a big mistake on my part. He started rubbing his crotch and smile. I was actually breaking out a sweat but finally managed to loosen myself abit.

And just as I was about to break free, he snapped on a handcuff on me. I was too surprised I went like “hey!”

“You are not going anywhere tonight.”

I began to break out a sweat – seriously. I hate to admit this here but I panicked!

He placed his right hand on my thigh and say, ‘dont worry just relax. It will be fun.” and gave me a hug. I just sat motionless and hoped secretly he will remove the cuffs after that.

Instead, his right hand made its way up my inner thigh and crotch and his other hand was giving me a hard squeeze. being smaller inbuilt he could not wrap his arm around me yet he could give me a doog tight hug.

And he whispered, “just surrender, you will like this – I wont hurt you, besides, not that I am giving you any choice…”

And before i know it, I was spotting a huge erection. And then he plant a kiss on my mouth – i pulled away like he had slammed a hot hammer on my lips and i told him i dont enjoy that, he just said ‘ok’, smiled and shoved me onto his bed.

He took off my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my ankle, leaving me in my boxer. And he continued to fondle me that way for a long while. His hands then went inside my shorts, hungrily teasing my manhood. His fingers were activating all my g-spots and making my toes curl.. in my state of estacsy I did not realise I had allow him pushed my hand over my head and secure them onto the bed frame.

He then pulled down my shorts to my ankle and proceed to lick my hard erection like some hungry puppy. He was exploring my navel with his hand and playing with the soft fine pubic hair, and his other hand was caressing and rubbing my balls – feeling their heaviness, and softness. If there’s anything i cannot say no to is the tender attention some guys give to my balls, the sensations is enough to make me cum. Mid-way through, I had to actually make him stop as i was on the verge, and it was at that moment I realised he had tied me up pretty good.

I was moaning at the pleasure that was beyond words. My penis was rock hard and was hoping for some attention, but it got none. My balls have contracted to a tight ball yet the tender strokes made them move closer to my body ever more, stuggling to escape from his touch, trying to avoid his touch as it was way too much for them.

I wanted to cum. Bad. I was thrusting into air – partly to avoid his hand to keep them away from my aching balls, partly cos I want to cum. He stopped, smiled at me and said, “not so soon big boy”. With that he pulled up my t-shirt but instead of taking it all off, he stop at where my eyes were and turn them into a bandage to blindfold me.

Then I felt him remove the restraints at my feet, pulled them apart and secured them at both end of the bed frame – i was tied in a way like a inverted ‘Y’…

“Hmm… nice legs you have there big boy”. I feel him at my left thigh, I could no longer see what he is doing but it felt so good. His hands were massaging my legs and he was paying moreattention to my inner thighs. My legs being spread apart allowed him to explore places no one had paid much attention. But his caressess made me shiver with pleasurea and discomfort for i think he was also tickling me, and naturally I want to close my legs but I cant. I struggled helplessly sometimes in pleasure, sometimes in agony.

Just when I thought it could not get any worse, he started to lick my inner thighs and balls. All the sensations sent me over the edge and again i started thrusting into the air. The pleasure is gonna kill me i thought. I just want to cum so badly. I was moaning non-stop… and he had not even touched my rod yet for a while…

“Have you ever bottom for anyone?”

“No” I said, please stop, let me cum”

“So soon?”

Then i felt it. Something wet against my anus. I jumped like i had touched electricity. I can only “wait! stop. I dont like it”.

“You sure?” the wet sensation continue and i resisted asmuch as i could and gave him a host of reasons why i am not and how it could not be, that i am not into analand all the shit like that.

But he persisted. i could only guess what he was doing but i believe he was rimming me, licking at my balls, and stroking my dick, and also tickling my thighs at the same time. My protests grew quieter – I was moaning and groaning so hard i had difficulty breathing let alone yell at him to stop.

The sensations proved too much for me. I was in a utter state of confusion. My balls ached for release from all these torments, i was hard trying to suppress my giggles, and half the time trying not to cum too soon. I was in heaven and hell. I want it to go on, but I also want it to stop.

But when he swallowed my dick whole and let it went all the way into his throat I was a goner! I just explode into his mouth. And it went on and on and on. I was emptying everything into his mouth, I was still trusting hard, I want him to take everything that is packed into my balls, to devour every drop of semen I had in me. Giving him everything I had.

Maybe it is a good thing i am all tied up – i could have pierce his throat if i did ram my erection into him forcefully.

i went completely limp, except for my heaving and panting, he may have thought he had killed me. He untied my hands and legs, and removed my blindfold yet i just lay there motionless and cared less if i am still tied up or not.

Took me a while before i recovered and partly cos of a stinging i felt at my wrists. I lift my head to see that Pon was applying medicine on them. Apparently, in the heat of the moment i was too excited and was yanking at the restraints and somehow they had cut me. Fortunately, the restraints he used at my ankles were made of a softer material but they are sore and red nonetheless.

I was deeply moved by his tenderness and his thoughtfulness really touched me. Most of all, I love the way he assured and drive me mad with pleasures I have never experienced.

I forgot myself and did something I never thought I would do – i plant a kiss on him and kissed him like i really meant it. I kissed him like I wanted to kiss Tenga, my first. Maybe this bondage thing is for me after all…



Pon: If you read this, please promise me you will do this to me again the next time we meet, and not on anyone else?