The unthinkable happened today. Because of the Swine Flu thing, we were told to stay put at our hotel and do catch up with our administration work. No one is to go outdoors. Fortunately we had a gym at the hotel and the facilities not too bad.

Perhaps I had spent too much time on the net and updating this blog or making friends at Facebook – poking every one out there – I had little sleep.

So when I was half-way working out – I walked into a bar. And it hit me at the most strategic location. I dropped like a pile of brick in pain, offering whatever comfort I could to my badly bruised balls, gasping for air. I was so sick I even wanted to threw up. And it still hurts now.

Adds new meaning to the words – ‘Blue Balls’ huh!?!



One female staff heard me moaning on the floor and thought I was having a heart attack. I couldnt speak, and I dont want her to summon more people or the ambulance so I stick a thumb into my mouth – she thought I had hit my thumb pretty bad. We dont want her to massage my balls do we? Will be kind of embrassing wouldnt it? Assuming she were to want to do it! Hahaha!

Guess I will be walking strange for the next 2 days – maybe I should have listened to my boss and stay IN THE HOTEL ROOM TILL FURTHER NOTICE. The ball busting incident at the gym wouldnt have happened.

Sigh! Shit happens and it did – today!