One dude who webcam with me says I looked like Francois Sagat. A notorious gay icon… hmm I dont know whether to feel proud or worried. At least ‘I’ look like someone famous.

After all that action in Bangkok it is back to a quiet life of work and gym here in Mongolia. How exactly the locals spend their recreational hours really puzzled me. At least I have the gym and many many Tenga cups.

Been using the US Deep Throat cup and it is a better fit for me as I can now go all the way in. Always love deep throat but always had this silly fear of suffocating the other dude/ gal. Anyhow, maybe it is really time for me to take it easy for now. I can always go cyber.

Just dont assume I gonna show you my face when I am webcamming with you.
You have to ask nicely – real nicely!


Another day – another sore muscle. Hahaha!