“You have two choices in life:
You can stay single and be miserable,
or get married and wish you were dead.”

“If you want your spouse to listen and pay close attention to whatever you say – talk in your sleep.”

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

An old college friend back home called to invite me to her wedding but I had to decline since I will probably be in Malaysia for a conference that weekend. And since we are on the subject of marriage, these above 2 good advices came to mind.

Dont get me wrong. I am pro marrriage but honestly I think marriage is too high a price to pay for some sex. Marry the right person and marry for the right reasons.

As for me, I rather stay single – I reconked I get more sex that way. And somehow I think if I were to find the right gal (or guy although highly unlikely) I will probably settle down, have a few kids, watch them grow up, retire and start my own business.

One dude asked me (after meeting up for 3 sessions) if I would consider marrying him. I told him flatly no. Not even the possibilty of us staying together and he was visibly upset. I had to quickly explain my situation: that it was purely for sex (which sounded more wrong – as I have been told – 23 times already). Nonetheless I did finally (somewhat) managed to convince him that it was not him, but me. And inthe process told him my past relationships and all the girl’s I had dated in the past.

Things got interesting when I mentioned TA, whom I had dated for like 2 months back then in NYC before I took on this current job. We had regular sex and it was great. There was this once she said she wanted to try something new so I said ok.

Over that weekend she told me to head back home (my apartment in NYC), and take a shower, and go to bed first. I was thinking ‘what the hell’ as it was Friday night and I was hoping for some action. She may have known what was on my mind and said if I followed her instructions fully I will get my reward times 1,000. And honestly I would not want to argue with her on any account or doubt what she said. The last time she had rewarded me with a blowjob, I came twice the I could not wear jeans for a week cos my dick was so sore it hurts so bad but it felt so… good.

Anyway I went along with her plan.

I feel asleep almost immediately after hitting the pillow, and was woken when I heard her came back from work. Somehow my eyes could not opened and I thought I would just go back to sleep – which was the norm since she worked the late shift sometimes and I would turn in first on some occassions.

But this time it was different. I can sense her around the house and made up where she was and what she’s doing but then I heard another man’s voice. Just before I went back to sleep!

I sat up almost immediately and yell out “hon is that you?”

She popped her head into the bedroom and asked “ready for your surprise?” And before I could answer she entered the room with a man at the end of her arm. And before I could speak…

“This is Yann. My regular buddy before I met you. Just ran into him a week back and I thought I introduce him to you.”

If you have seen what a confused dog looked like when you imitate some strange sounds to it – tilt its ead to one side and then to another as it struggles to process the information, that is probably exactly what I looked like back then.

She let go of his hand and came to bed and sat beside me and whispered to me “lets try a threesome”. And before I can say anything, slipped my index finger wantonly into her mouth and started sucking/ licking it.

I did not know how she managed to convinced me into something like that but one thing led to another and soon I found myself kissing TA passionately, her hands were on my chest and playing with my nipples, my hands were all over her, her clits were wet, and her buddy was givng me a blowjob all at the same time.

And yes it was different. His was more unhurried and I can sense that he was really having a good time. It is like he does not want it to end, and neither did I, whereas when TA blows me she just wants to bring me over the edge and exite me sufficient enough so I may screw her. The guy is just taking his time and savouring every moment, tasting every inch of me. And as he blows me he will touch me at places that feels so nice – he would massage my balls especially the undersides, roll my balls around the nutsack, and apply soft butterfly-like tougue flicking on my piss-slit.

TA on the other hand was doing what she does best – kissing me deeply and pinching my nipples till they are red and sore, and all the time make me horiner with her soft moanings of estascy.

When TA blows me she did it enough to get me high but this guy almost made me came. Fortunately she caught my signal in time (heard my groan) and stopped Yann from whatever he was doing to allow me time to calm down abit.

But before I had sufficient time to catch my breathe, she climbed on top of me and slipped my dick into her and was riding me. He was massaging my balls using one hand and was fondling her breast roughly with his other hand. But he was actually watching my balls so that when they starts to ascend closer to my body – an indication that I am about to come, he would press them down or hold them down firmly so as to kill the urge to ejaculate. He did the same for TA when her screams get louder he would plant his mouth and kiss her to muffle her when she came.

She ease herself off me and told me to fuck him doggie-style and i did. I was so high I can fuck anything by then. Her juice made my rod wet and I slide into him fairly easily and the sensation was like no other. And in no time I was doing him like a wild donkey in heat – mad with desire and lust, and his face was on top of TA, and his cries muffled by her breasts. Her foot were applying soft pressure on my balls all the while, and every now and then Yann would finger her clits following the rythmn I was ramming into him.

To thank him for the excellent deep throat he had given me, I reached for his dick and started to pump him – slowly at first and faster when I started to hump him faster. Yann came after a long while and so did I, almost stimultaneously cos when he came he had also contracted his hole  – giving me a much tighter hole so I could not hold back anymore. I was yelling and cursing while his were all muffled when we finally came. His semen was all over TA’s belly while my juice were inside of him. That was probably the best part cos most girls would rather I dont come inside them for fear of pregancy just in case the condom breaks midway and shit like that.

I pumped every drop of juice into him and slide out of him reluctantly. Fell on to the bed exhausted and panting, my head on TA’s tights, and my hand on Yann’s heaving chest.

We lay there for a long while before we master enough strength to wash up. When TA took her shower I had a chance to know more about Yann.

We talked and joked like long-lost friend and talk shit about TA and her moods. We changed and head out for a quick bite and bid farewell to Yann before returning home for bed.

And just as it strike midnight she said she was happy the way everything turned out and most of all that I enjoyed my birthday present. I forgot about it entirely till she mentioned it. What a birthday gift indeed! The best ever!


Love you TA, and you too Yann.