Dreams Do Come True… 

Always wanted to have fun with a hot dude like Colton Ford. My fantasy came true when I met Charles

Always wanted to have fun with a hot dude like Colton Ford. My fantasy came true when I met Charles

Received quite a number of emails asking me to meet up lately. I am keen but physically it was impossible. I am in a part of China where at times I need to use a satellite phone just to connect with someone. My best friend became this animal that we were stalking, or a plant whose name I cant even pronounce properly. In short I am horny and very very horny – get the idea?

Finally had a chance to answer my emails when things settled down and we were ahead of our schedule. I was particularly drawn to an email from a dude in LA whose body was simply awesome. He said he is totally into me and hopes to meet up but I did not take him seriously for 2 reason: He’s discreet and does not want to reveal his face, (normally I dont bother. I know it is kind of double standards),and he was just too far from me. Yet his body was just something I could not pass up so we continued to email each other. Eventually we chatted on MSN and we finally had a chance to see each other’s face. He look handsome although it is obvious that he is at least 5 to 8 years older than me. In actual fact, he was in his early 50’s!  Eventually we even started to call each other on the phone. I knew in my mind that I really like him and I believed he would be a really good fuck.

During one webcam with him, he had taken off everything to reveal a very gorgeous body and a huge cut dick. His body is also evident of a lifetime of clean diet and faithful trips to the gym. He has low body fat and is about my height as well. He said I am very hot as well.

I told him that he is probably some erotic actor. He laughed and said he had that he got that very often as people would say he looked like Colton Ford. I went and did a search on google and found that there are very close resemblance and I found that youtube even had videos of this actor having his own albums and MTVs.

You know how it is… we are told not to expect too much and we learn that we really should not take the words of cyber friends too seriously. However Charles did show up quite unexpectedly.

I came home from gym and was about to hit the showers when I got a call from the receptionist that I have a guest at the lobby. So I had to rush through shower and get decent. I was expecting a fellow colleague from office so when I saw Charles I was stunned. It is easy to say ‘hello’ in cyberspace but it is different when the same person appears before you in person.

He just went up to me and gave me a friendly hug like some we were some old friends and suggested we go grab a bite. I said it may be a better idea to just order the food to be sent to the hotel as I thought he must be tired.

We chatted while we wait for the food to be delivered to us and I told him I really did not expect to see him but was happy to see him anyway. He said he had sold off one of his business so he had the time and money.

The food came and we dug in. And all the while I can tell that he kept checking me out and I knew I was doing the same. Everything about this guy is perfect: the way he smiled, the tan on his skin, the way he laugh. Just felt this urge to just pounce on him and fuck him.

After dinner, I asked as if had plans for the night and his reply was direct. He placed his hand on my thigh and said no, and he said he hoped I was not planning on going anywhere else as well.

Usually the guys I met would went straight for my mouth and kiss me – something that I am still uncomfortable with. Instead he just leaned over and kissed me on the side of my neck and he had his arms around me like he were hugging me again. He then started to plant more kisses on my neck and his hands were all over me and mine were all over him slow, unhurried, filled with dangerous lust…and before I knew it I was already totally nude and he still had his pants and shoes on! 

And the best part – he knows how to use his tongue  (his secret weapon), it has a life of its own and like his hands which were busy exploring me, it managed to travel from my neck to my nipples, and he started to lick them (or flick them).

He commanded me to sit on a chair and I complied. He then force my legs apart and continued to tongue me , flicking his tongue on my balls in fast succession. But instead of taking my dick in his mouth, his tongue travelled down south instead. My hands were gripping the arm rest and I was trying to lift myself higher so he can access  more of me down there. One of his hand was playing with my pubes between my navel and the base of my dick, moving in circular motion which produces an agonizing mix of pleasure and ticklish sensation at the same time. He leaned close to me and whispered:

So how do we get this huge cock into my ass?

I did not answer him – I just couldnt. I was biting my lips struggling not to make a sound cos I know I will start moaning non stop. Then he started to make circle around my anus. I finally let out a  moan to indicate my pleasure and then without warning, devoured my entire dick in one smooth quick motion into his hot wet mouth. He actually made me jump cos it was very sudden – like a snake striking a unsuspecting prey.

His tongue was like an imprisoned eel struggling to fight off my dick which had invaded its space. He was lapping, sucking, and rocking his head side to side like a starved baby on a mother’s nipple. My pleasure senses were overload… from time to time I had to hold his head and plea with him to slow down so I wont come. I remembered catching his head mid-way to interrupt him and would look at him in a mixture  of estacsy and annoyance, and he would smile to acknowledge my plea: keep up the great job but dont bring me over the edge too soon…

It was some time since I had sex so my balls were about to burst yet I wasnt ready to surrender my seeds like that. Even while my balls ached to release their loads, I was determined to make the night last as long as possible, I want the pleasure to continue forever. I want to remember each sensation, I want to hear his moans of delight and pleasure, I want to feel him, to dominate him, to own him.

Like a experienced mechanic, he quickly caught my rhythm, and was able to complement the sucking and licking, his tongue was like giving my shaft a massage, and his thumbs that were stroking my scotum and the base of the penis. He was also able to go deep on me and swallow my entire 8.5 inch as if his throat were made to size and could accommodate my dick effortlessly.

Once the urge to come was so urgent I had to push him away and in my hurry forgot myself and used too much strength and caused him to tip and land on his bums. My bad. 

He then stood up, gave me a sly smile, and began to dance in a provocative way to some imaginary music that would be playing in the background, and he was stripping as if he were a stripper in a club – swinging his hips in a seductive yet manly way.

What he was doing was not helping my rock hard dick any good. It remained hard and refused to take a break. If anything it wanted more. it wants to get in! He turned around, shove his ass near my face, applied a liberal amount of lubricant in his hole in a very deliberate manner. If his pubic hair were letters they will spell ‘entrance’.

Facing me again, he grabbed my balls and yanked them downwards. Holding them he squeeze my thighs together, and straddled across them like cowboy so that the balls are clamped tightly. It was uncomfortable but before I can protest, he shove my head back with one hand as if he were strangling me while the other hand slowing lathering my hard on with more lubricants. 

Then he whispered, ‘remember to breathe…’ and proceed to slid my dick into his hole and one smooth motion, making me gasped with estacsy.

The sensation was so great I thought I had lost it when I felt some contractions like I was ejaculating. It turned out that Charles was just giving my dick a few hard squeeze to say hello, before he starts to to bounce up and down on it.

I was a goner – I could only moan and gasp for air and moan even more.  My hands are on his waist, his were around my neck and he was pumping away like he was doing his squats and I was like some gym equipment.

Just when I thought it could not get any better, he led me to the bed and got on all 4, and stick his ass up in the air – an open invitation to explore his hole more intimately. Instinctively I just shove it in and began to pump into him faster and faster piston-like strokes.

This soon proved too much even for Charles to handle as I soon felt the familar contractions but the difference was that it was involuntrily, and he was moaning like a bear in distress. It lasted only for a few seconds and I continued to pound on him. Then I stood on my toes to lift my body (and dick) higher and insert into him at another angle in slow-mo style and he pleaded me to jack him.

I ignored him and a dull “pop” sound reverberated through the room as my dick emerged from Charles. I asked him to lie on the bed lifted his legs and placed them against my chest. Then holding his legs together with one arm, and standing beside the bed, I began to insert into him again and jacked away furiously.

His well-defined abs were painfully tight and his face was a tortured contortions of emotions, his mouth were half-opened and he was making soft moaning sounds on my every insertions. His hands were gripping the bedsheets – like he was clinging on to them for his dear life.

After a couple of minutes, he started to jack himself, and was pleading softly for me to stop. Then he came for the 4th time and proceeded to jack himself off. When he came I could once again felt the contractions.

I then staddle him on his chest and jack myself and cum on his mouth and face. We laid on the bed side by side to catch our breath. When I had somewhat recovered I muttered “I hope your trip was worth it.” He simply smiled and squeezed my hand, and nodded.