After like months in some remote and forgotten part of gawd-knows-where I will be going to Bangkok again!

In case you cannot understand the significance of that statement, let me tell you that IF I were a girl you will surely hear my scream of joy from wherever you are.

Not that Bangkok is some really fantastic place (it is, by the way), but after coming close to adopting some orange monkey deep in the wilderness of Mongolia, I am thankful to move on.

Almost got killed by boredom if not for dad and mum who came to visit me and stayed for slightly more than a week. Love their company but would rather mum stop her non-stop chatter about settling down. Oh yeah, she was also very concerned with the huge stash of used tenga cups in the corner of my room. I am talking about like 14… Gawd!

I have also put on another 5kg in the meantime – lots of eggs and gym, and more eggs.

Never felt better and more ready for my next posting. I am so horny I can fuck a tree (almost did).

Oh, why didnt I threw out the used tenga cups? I was thinking of stripping the cups and put away the plastic containers for the recycling bin… just did not find the effort to go about to actually doing it. I am also worried about how they would smell by now. Wonder if have this service so I can send it back to them. Hahaha!