My facination with Tenga is causing me lots of problems lately. I have been getting way too many questions ever since I talked about it and recommended them to others who visited my blog here or on Facebook. Orginally posted this on Facebook under notes but I thought I put it here too so I will have lesser comments related to

1. No,  i dont own the company if you want to tell them how much you like the products or want to buy something. it is not my business really. Go tell them or make your orders directly at the webstore. And if you are a fan (like myself) join the Fans Club on Facebook.

2. Used Cups – I usually strip the content – foam, rubber, silicon, and cum and discard them put I will put the empty cup in a recycling bin. And I do not give my used cups to anyone – it may be illegal as they might be construed as biological weapons. Flattering yes. Final answer, no. Sorry.

3. Which are my favourite cup?

5cups from tenga

Practically sampled all the cups and my top 5 personal preferences:

I am a sucker (pardon the pun) for some hot fellatio action so Deep Throat cup is still the best! Fliphole is convenient and I perfer to wank and have a shower immediately after that so as it is waterproof it makes perfect sense. I also wash it in the shower and leave it there (for tomorrow morning). This cup may be expensive but it is economical too – do your math! LOL!

Soft tube gives me more sensations cos I can make it tighter, or lighter (if my dick is sore), and I can feel every thing – all the orbs and bumps inside the cup. I love a tight entry. Wink!

Double hole cup is great when I am having fun with another top guy. Watching him fuck the cup is a big turn-on for me, and I supposed that will drive him nuts too. Just awesome. Even when alone it means I can cum twice using the same cup.

Air cushion cup simply for the superb sucking power. Nothing in the market can give you the suction like that!

So a lot depends on your mood and preference and style. Now I am happy with the Eggs at the moment cos they are small and light to carry with you. Ideal for those long flights – more than 8 hours… Small as they are they can cover my entire shaft and head and even my balls – as if a big hungry mouth devoured everything at one go… LOL!
‘Little Red Ridding Hood: “What big mouth you have granny?”‘ ROFLOL!


4. Advice?

  1. do NOT use silicon oil or any oil based lubricants. They are great for barebacks and handjobs by the massage therapists BUT will destroy your fliphole.
  2. wash your fliphole immediately after use to extend its lifespan, bsides it can really smell very bad after a while
  3. for this same reason – dont be a sissy or stingy and try to wash out a cup after use, just trash the cups after use

This is something I really do not understand. A pleasurable shot is always worth it compared to paying $24 for a pair of movie tickets… so stop whining and ‘be good to yourself, cos nobody else have the power to make you happy’. Get the tenga and let the pleasure begin! LOL!

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P.S. –  Pixs used here are from I dont own the rights to them