Part 1

Just the other day we were giving a colleague a farewell lunch. He was a father of 3 boys and was so my type. Been married for over 18 years and because his wife had a new job they have to relocate and basically he had to quit to become a full-time stay-at-home dad – well he’s wife makes more money so that’s that.

Hate to see him go… was still hoping he had done more, or at least finished what he had started. He drives me mad sometimes especially that innocent “what?!” look after he makes a pass at me whenever we are alone in the same space.

And those constant compliments. They are enough to make anyone fall in love. He will be telling me how much he likes my broad chest, my beard (everytime I decided to keep one), my huge guns and so on so forth, and yeah and my ‘python’ as he called it whenever we shower after a tennis match or workout at the gym.

And he like to touch – alot! He would find excuses to touch me (not in a sexual kind of way). But would squeze my shoulders, pecs, thighs, and especially calves.

So in short: he confuses me and I resent him for that.

I thought well since he’s married, with kids and never looked at another guy, he’s decent and such but lately he’s been giving me mixed signals.

Now that we are all (the whole team) in Bangkok, his behaviors seemed weirder as well.

The hotel we were supposed to stay were overbooked and we ended having to share a room for afew nights. The other nearest hotels were also fully booked as well. Anyway I figured I can just hang out at one of the sauna in bangkok and spend the night there or with someone so it is no big deal.

Anyhow, I came back pretty late one night and he was in the shower. He was surprized to see me – he did not even bothered to close the bathroom door or draw the curtains.

So I just went about my business and surf the channels on the tv. And that’s when I noticed that he wasnt abit concerned carrying on a conversation even as he bathed.

But from the reflection on the side of the tv screen I can see him and whatever he is doing quite clearly… and he seemed to keep washing his dick more than the rest of his body. I kept my face at the tv while checking him out but ocassionally would turn to face him… I had to, since we were having a conversation. But everytime our eyes met he would be washing his genitals!

The talk soon digress to his family and his wife and he was saying how much he misses her, how she would seduce him and things like that but never about the kids. And yeah how horny he was whenever he did not get to see her for 2 weeks or more.

And then he asked how I get off being single. His questioned totally caught me off guard and I was silent. I was half-hoping he would think I did not hear him so did not respond. I mean what am I to say?

Then the shower was turned off and he came over in a towel (his boner was obvious nonetheless), and he asked again, same question.

Even with the few seconds to formulate an answer I fumbled quite badly. I can  relate to the bimbo Miss Teen South Carolina and he totally incoherent ramble on national tv.

You must be thinking it is the roids but it really wasnt – we talked pretty much about everything else, mostly about work and at times, family but never issues like that. My lame answer: “handjobs”.

He gave a sly smile and continued: “yours or someone else?”

Man, he is doing it again!


“Depends on…?”

I guessed I must be really blushing or something cos I actually feel very warm all of a sudden. He just said, “relax, I dont mean to…” Then he stood by and went behind me andplaced his hands on my shoulder again, only this time he was kneading me as well.

“I read your blog…”

I literally froze and only managed a weak “what blog?”

Dammn…. how did he, and a million questions flashed before my eyes, and I was totally lost for words – is he gonna blackmail me, should I just deny, or admit to it and say it was no big deal, was only for fun – too many possible response, so little time…

He simply continued to massage me and said nothing further. His touch somehow made me feel like I was stunned by a paralyzing dart. I was panicky but at the same time frozen. But all of a sudden he hugged me from behind and planted a peck on the back of my neck and on my left cheek. And all I can do was sit there and let him have his way with me. I did not protest. I simply could not move.

I had dreamt of this for some time even when I masturbate with tenga sometimes but always know that it was nothing more than a fantasy cos this guy was out of my league. I get turned on whenever I think about how he worshipped me and would run his hands all over me and giving me a handjob or a blow. But like I said – a fantasy.

And now it is happening. And I dont know how to react.

Again he whispered, “relax” and started to unbuttoned my shirt. His hands reached into me and gropped all over, and when he was fingering my nipples, I let out  a groan – even to my surprise.

By now I thought damn, it is too late to do anything now – it will be pointless. I was too turned on by now, I am too weak to fight him.

With a quick movement he took off my shirt and his hands started to travel downwards. And started to massage my dick. He was doing everything to arouse me.

“Always wanted a good look at your python since the first time I saw it.” He said, and with that unzipped me and started to explore inside.

I took off my belt and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled it off. He then climbed on top of me and put his face really close to mine. “I really like your blog”. Again I was silent – half the time could not belive this was actually happening.

He pushed me onto the bed and planted his lips on my nipple and started sucking at them, amking a soft slurping sound as he do that. At the same time his hands we busy exploring my rockhard dick. In response, my legs just spread wider to ease his access in the restricted zone.

For the first time I had a real good look at him, and smelled him. Nothing about him suggest he’s that into me or could do something like this. I just want this to continue and do not want to risk saying or doing anything that might wake me from this wonderful dream.

I closed my eyes in disbelief and half the freaking time still cant believe I am being sucked off by a team member who had once tried to introduce me to his step sister.

Then I felt it: the moist and warmness on my dick as it slipped slowly into his eager mouth. I can also feel his big hands gently cupping my balls and tugging at them as he knead the base of my penis.

“Bet your tenga deep throat dont do this to ya?”

Dammn, he DID read my blog – he aint kidding now.

I wanted to say “that’s why I have the egg wrapped my balls to keep them happy…” but then again: “ahh…..” is all I can managed.

From time to time his hands would explore other parts of my body. If I kept my eyes closed, I can almost tell that I am having those 4 hands massage when I was in Malaysia. It was pure sensation overload and I love every second of it.

The wet sensation on my dick left and travelled down my left leg. His tongue was leaving a wet trail as it moved downsouth, went behind my knee and towards my feet. For some reason I still had my socks on and he stopped just where they were.

I sat up and tried to take them off but he stopped me and said “later”


He devoured my dick in one quick move and started to suck me off expertly. His tongue was giving me a turkish bath, scrubbing me down, and his hands backed to supporting my balls again.

I stay seated and put one hand on his head and without stopped, glanced up and winked.

He was going at it mechanically, and would turn his head side to side as he push his face into my dick – giving me different sensation every time. His tongue was a seperate machine and worked independently. Once in a while I would also feel his teeth and they stings alittle but pleasurably.

He almost brought me over the edge many times but somehow is able to stop to delay my release. I gave him the “can I ride you look” and he only smiled, said ‘later’ and rammed his face into my crotch.

I closed my eyes in estasy and suddenly I exploded. I came inside his mouth (first time for me), and it got into his eyes, and all over the bed. It was so sudden I was abit disappointed even when it felt so good. I just could not control it – usually I could hold out longer but this time I just couldnt!

I slumped into the bed totally drained, and he went to the bathroom to spit and wash out my semen that were in his mouth, came back and helped me cleaned up.

“I…. err did not mean to…”

He softly whispered, “it’s ok. Perfectly alright.” Flashed me a smile and went back to shower (again).

And I just lay there wondering what the hell had just happened…

First time with a feet fetish colleague

First time with a feet fetish colleague

to be continued…