Need a Blowjob?

Once in a while I will get strange requests via email. Generally I will choose to ignore them but I had a good laugh when I saw this pix – so I thought I owe it to a Korean lady who sent it to me so I had to publish it in my blog cos she had brightened up my day.

The TENGA cup has this Deep Throat cup that gives the sensation of a fellatio with the tightness, wetness, and slurping sound that is probably one of its kind in the world. I guess this fellow wont be needing one.

Frankly, he has got to be one of the most happy man in this world. He doesnt need a mouth, not even the Deep Throat cup. Just made me wonder if he swallows. Gives a new meaning to ‘protein shake’ doesnt it? Wink!

african got talent winner

african got talent winner

“Look Ma, no hands!”