The long haul project is finally coming to an end and I have never worked harder this year. Entire thing took us almost 45 days so you can imagine my relief at this moment in time.

For those of you who knows where I am (geographically), you will know that I am currently in a country that is hardly described as a holiday destination. In fact, after this project I will think twice about coming back here again if ever!

But perhaps the most awesome part about this country is probably the chanced encounter with a soldier. Since I am pretty sure he wont even read this blog I am gonna use his actual name here – not that it matters really since there are so many with that same name.

Park is a full-time Army Officer with the Intelligence Operations. Because our work there is considered as ‘sensitive’, we literally have a team of army personnel to ‘supervise’ our activities.

At 165 he is perhaps the shortest member in his team. Perhaps the shortest person in a uniform I have ever seen. But he has this big broad shoulder that can put most man to shame. His chest is almost as big as mine. When we were introduced to each other, it was like a dick-measuring contest literally. I would glance at him and his body and he was doing the same thing. Somewhat like 2 dogs sniffing each other out. His command of English was acceptable and we can understand each other fairly good.

And it is like he knew what is on my mind. When we were introduced to our ‘house’ (which is more like a bunk) in a remote place, he mentioned the place where it would be of a major concern to me, the gym. Twice.

Like I said, it was like, he knew.

I wasted no time. Visited the gym the following morning and had my first workout. Fairly decent equipment, no frills, just the basics. Nobody around.

It was a quiet week until I heard someone open the door in the midst of my incline chest on the smith. There were only one mirror and unlike the other gym where you can almost see the entire premises, I could not see who it was in this gym that came in after me.

After my set I sat up and across the room was Park on the rowing machine. He was looking at me so I gave him  a nod and he nodded back. No smile just the usual stern expression on his face. Probably he was expecting me to salute him.

The rest of my workout was done in silence with the occassional grunts and puffs every now and then.

Went for a shower and was half hoping to see him there but no luck. I actually felt stupid for hoping to get some action in this country / place like this.

This continued for almost another week. Every morning he will turn up almost an hour after my session started so I had no chance to check out his body in the shower.

Things took an unexpected turn on Sunday morning…

Had some beer and local drinks so slept in later than usual. Ran into Park at the entrance of the gym. He nodded and gave a quick smile. Not sure if it was a smile in the first place.

Probably had too much the night before plus lesser sleep I wasnt in the best form for working out so I thought I take a break from training and went to the shower.

Had my eyes closed and the water jet hitting the crown of my head so did not even hear him come in to the communal showers until much later. In fact he made me jump. How embrassing.

And he already had a headstart checking me out all the while.

He looked hot in his uniform and he is even hotter naked!

Believing that he had saw me jump when I was surprised by his presence beside me after a long while I tried to struck up conversation with him. But all I could muttered was “you have a nice body”. I couldnt belive I said something so lame.

And all he did was make direct eye contact, looked around to make sure we were both alone and smiled. Then he looked down at his groin and that was when I saw that he was semi-hard…

And still I wasnt sure I completely understood the signals. And all I can do is to look away quickly and continue to soap myself.

Took another snuck when I thought he wasnt looking and there he was soaping his dick and gave me that universal come-on look. And I thought to myself if I were wrong I can get thrown into jail in this country and that would probably be the end of me.

But I could not stop the reaction on my own dick and started to grow. I tried to conceal it and turn my body slightly away from him so he cant see my harding dick, closed my eyes and face the shower head to let the water hit my face.

And before I could open my eyes I can feel a hot mouth devouring my dick and fingers on my balls… I opened my eyes to see him squatting before me and sucking me off like it was the most delicious lollypop candy he had ever tasted.

Surviving almost entirely on the tenga cups and flipholes for more than 16 days without sex, I was so horny I had to fight him off to stop myself from coming. I dont want a quickie – not there like that. I wanted more.

In one quick move I made him stand up and face away from me then hugged him from behind and played with his dick. He just slumped onto be and let out a moan of estascy.  He put his hand behind him and jacked me too…

This continued for a while before he turned out my tap, lathered some soap, soapped his beautiful tanned ass, and inserted a finger into his hole.. the whole time looking at me wantonly and biting his lower lips in a  futile bid to suppress his pleasure. Then like a POW, he put his hand on the wall, push out his ass, and spread his legs like he was ready for inspection, or in this case, ‘insertion’.

I spit onto my hand and began to cover my dick with saliva. Half hating the stupid idea of fucking someone inthe shower without protection. But I cannot help myself. Just want to get it in immediately…

I inserted my finger into his hole and played with it a little more to make sure he is well lubricated and when he started to move his hips back and forth I knew he is ready for me.

I rubbed myself against his butt crack till I get hard and in a gradual push shoved my entire dick into him, causing him to whimper and moan under his breathe, and eyes closed. I stayed inside him not moving yet to allow him time to adjust to my dick inside him.

When he put a hand on my hip that was my signal that the “climatization exercise” has completed and I can pump into him like a jack hammer.

This is probably the first time I fuck someone without conventional lubricant and I had to make do with soap and spit. It was worth it nonetheless… his hole is probably the tightest one I have ever screwed and it felt like heaven. My dick was loving the entire sensation and he was hard like a rock.

I quickly learn his signals. Hand on my ass means he wants me to hit him harder, grab means faster, hand on his own ass means to slow things down and move more deliberately. I am a fast learner.

The entire fuck was like for an eternity and we were completely lost into each other. My chin was rested on top of his shoulder with some difficulty but I managed anyway. My hands were on his waist to grab onto him so I dont move too far out and came out of him. My shaft can feel every inch inside of him and it really feel so good. All I can hear is my own breathing and moaning and his moans and deep breaths.

Next he pulls out from me, slam my back against the shower wall and backed into me and puting his hands on his knee for support, starts to ride me. Unlike other occassions where I am so used to thrusting my hips, they are now immobilized and all I can feel was the hungry hole devouring my dick in quick successions – giving me a joy that is beyond words. I can only place my hands on his ass and take whatever he gives me… enjoying myself while fighting off  the urge to come.

When I do feel the urge all I can do was to throw my head back, grab his asses like two buns and let out a shout/ scream / moan almost like an animal. I could not even speak or warned him or do anything to prevent it and it just happened. And as I was finishing that was when I felt the contractions on my dick and that was how I know that he had come as well.

He basically unplugged from me and I knelt onto the shower floor completely wasted. He turned to shower tap, rinsed off and went off without a word. I staggered to stand up after he left and showered, and left shortly after.

When we met each other at the gym we still behaved like two strangers. We are fuck buddies only during shower time. Wink!

Kirk 12122009