Tenga Singapore Bangkok (Thailand).

These are the 3 keywords on my mind right now. Been nothing but work, gym, eating junk, more work. Usual sh*t not complaining cos I just wanna get out of here and get on with LIFE!

And life means replenishing my stock of Tenga, meet up with 2 cute dudes in Singapore, catch up with my ex, and then to Bangkok. Miss Bangkok like hell. Too bad they dont sell Tenga there, else I think the HIV situation will not be as horrific.

Last time I was there I actually gave 2 chaps a deep throat cup each, and gave away my fliphole (used). Or rather, they were taken. Anyway…

The long story will probably bore you, just enough to say that it will probably be the last time i organise a f**k party at my hotel room. Things do get out of hand but at least I keep a condom on ALL the time so I am clean. Nontheless still messy but was fun. Wink!

if anyone in singapore can host a wild sex party, i can bring my tenga collection. bring you own condom. and no drugs please. we are talking about singapore – what were you thinking!

tenga sex party singapore

ETA – Mar 22 Singapore, 26 Mar Bangkok

No one ugly allowed. LOL