Just when I thought the Tenga thing cannot get any better… they are coming up with a version of the Tenga Fliphole which can be carried around – it is like psychic – I just know that they invent this for my sake since I am always on the move. The fliplite is like the best present ever!

Was about to order more fliphole from my regular tenga supplier tengatango.com when I saw the new tenga product. couldnt really get the write up about the product – i thought it was a bloody april day fool crap until i followed the link to their ecommerce website at ecrater. they even got a price already, and a video on youtube.

tenga fliplite (pix courtesy of tengatango.com


really looking forward to f*ck the shit out of the fliplites. really hope it will be good.

if any resellers are reading this post. PLEASE send me a protocol and let me try it NOW! I can even model for free.

bangkok is great for now and hoping that the situation will resolve peacefully. not into talking about the politics. not my fight but hope that there will be no bloodshed to soil this beautiful country. streets are tense otherwise. funny thing is i am getting 2 kinds of emails and questions on this blog:

1. is it safe to visit thailand now

2. where to buy tenga (or if i am selling tenga)

Dudes, do i look like a tour guide to you in any way, form, or manner? Would i need a fulltime job at natgeo and have to be somewhere i really dont wanna be if i am selling the worlds most awesome sex toy? seriously?