Been REALLY busy at work. Yup that basically sums up why I have not been updating my blog here at WordPress.

Have approved a huge number of comments too, and removed many spams and hate emails as well. Some how my blog is mixed up with loads of spams from online sellers of Tenga. Hate mails are generally from those who think I dont exist in real life, a cunning seller of Tenga, a bisexual who is actually a gay in denial, a woman in real life… Not that I give a sh*t really.

My interest in Tenga is just my hobby – a sexual outlet cos I masturbate to relieve stress and it helps me to sleep. I dont do it with my hands cos I know what is coming and it spoils the fun for me. I prefer to have someone man-handle me, or fu*k someone, but sometime you dont have the time or the mood – esp after a 90 min split workout in the gym… you just want to have a awesome orgasm and go to sleep so Tenga works well for me. And really it feels the best among all the sex toys ever invented.

And again I stress, I am NOT a promoter of Tenga. You can buy it from or anyone or anywhere else – I really dont care. I just like the range they carry and the good customer service. I have made 6 orders so far and they have not screwed up – quite a accomplishment and each time they gave me a free Tenga Hole Warmer, or free Tenga Egg Lotion if I order 6 packs of the Tenga Eggs, once I ordered the Tenga Fliphole (Black) with 15 black deep throat cups, they gave me a White Fliplite. They must really love me. Than again, they wouldnt know it is me cos I used different mail-to addresses all the time since I am always on the move – good thing they deliver everywhere.

The other reason I like to order from is cos they send via registered parcel so I can track my orders online and I know when it will arrive. Previously tried ordering sex toys from other online shop and they did not even made it to me at all and I had to go thru all those sh*t to get my money back from PayPal. So when I find a trustworthy seller, I naturally go back.

step father and son

But I digress. The following is an account from a colleague and a good friend who knows about the bisexuality part about me. We once shared the same hotel room and in our drunkened state, he jacked me off. He apologised the following morning and I told him that it was also my fault I allowed him to do that for me – just to take some guilt off him. That was in late 2007 / early 2008.

I met him again at a conference in Bangkok recently and I learnt a bit more about him.

His first experience was when he was a teen barely 17 years old. His mother remarried soon after his dad passed away in a freak motor accident.

He said that ‘O’, as he would call him, is like the typical alpha male, the type that takes charge. Although he can be loud and impatient, he had never lay his hands on him or his mother as far as he can remember. Apprearance wise, he looked with The Rock (wrestler) but much shorter. O was then 43.

The incident happened when O came back from the hospital after a bad fall at work. Broke his wrist on one hand, and fractured the forearm and 3 fingers in the other. The docs said it was a miracle he lives after falling from that height.

His mum had to go out of town for about a month and could not take care of him. His sis was away for college so it was up to him to care for O. And caring for O means feeding, cleaning, and everything else 24/7. It was also the first time he handled another man’s dick too.

He said he remember the first time he had to take out O’s penis as he needed to pee and that was the biggest penis he had seen in all his life. It was easily 9 inch and only semi hard, thich, and uncut. And whenever he needed to pee, he would notice that O would have a semi-erection, and when he sponge him, O would get real hard. His dick will jump especially when he pulls back O’s foreskin.

He said that one day after the sponge bath, O had this huge erection he said is easily 11 inches and it looked like he’s trying to conceal a stick in his pj.

Once while asleep his stepdad called to him to help change his pj. It was then he realized that O had a noctucal ejaculation. It was also the first time he saw O looked so busted and helpless and frustrated.

My friend decided after that to torture O further, and what he did was to spend more time holding his dick even after he had stopped peeing, or to spend more time on his dick and groin area when cleaning him. 

The ‘torture’ continued for another 2 days before J finally relented. It started as per usual, the cleaning, but he said this time he took a really long time on the man’s dick, and using the cloth, he was literally stroking O’s dick up and down and he even gave him a twist at the head of the penis.

He saw O with eyes shut tightly, but his mouth was opened and was mouthing groans and moans of pleasure. Then without hesitation, he dipped his hands into the mildly soapy water and was stroking O’s dick slowly with both hands alternating. He said O opened his eyes for a moment to register what was going on, gave a quick look at the hands on his dick, close his eyes tightly, throw back his head, let out a audible moan, and spread his legs wider. Soon he was mouthing instructions like ‘slow’, ‘yes’, ‘ahh…’, ‘thats right’, and ‘sh*t’. And when he finally came he was like yelling his head off.

After O came, he would lie silently with eyes closed and puffed air like he had done a marathon race, and then after that never talk about it like nothing happened. J would clean him up (again) and went to get off too in his own bedroom.

This went on and he relieved O almost once every day until his mum came back.

They both never mention this to anyone and J moved out when he went to college. His step father paid for his college, much to the surprize of his mum and sister. Lucky him? I just think that maybe he really is lucky since he wasnt tramatized by the whole ordeal. Other ordinary guys would have needed therapy.