“Latitude is where we are lost, and Longitude is how long we’ve been lost there!”  USAF Navi-guesser (Navigator)

Men hate to ask for directions. And why shouldnt we? Asking for directions is a sign of weakness. It means you needed help. You are hopeless lost and need someone to point you in the right direction.

Or is it?

Recently I met an awesome looking Chinese Thai guy at the hotel gym. Good posture and proportions and looked like some Hong Kong actor if it weren’t for those shoe and socks combination (think black socks with sports shoes – yup that bad).

Anyway he seemed lost and the only thing he do is to follow the leader. ie, me. So he went round after me, use the same machine I did, only at  a lower weight setting.

So I know he’s lost and hopeless at that. He may be good-looking and all but I am just not into him, and I can tell he’s not into me in a sexual sort of way either so basically I just tolerated his presence.

After half an hour I became his unofficial Personal Trainer and it really started to bother me alot. So what can I do? I went for the Deadlift – sure enough it stopped him dead in the track and I almost can see the WTF look on his puzzled face – the look when you give your dog a strange command and the creature will look at you with its head tilted to one side. Yup he looked just like that.

But he’s persistent: he observed me for another set and up to the point when I completed the entire routine. He then went for the weight like it is his turn at it. That’s when I had to say something. I stopped him.

I told him matter-of-factly that he is not ready for that exercise. And since there’s only him and me around, I dont want to have to rescue him from anything. Not my hobby to clean the shit up after someone. So now you know something else about me… other than all those ‘fun’ I had.

So here’s the thing. Ask for help if you need help. No point struggling alone.

Of course if he were to ask me for help, I probably wont do much anyway cos 1. I am not qualified, and 2. I werent paid. LOL!

Bottomline, hire  a Personal Trainer to help you get started somewhere.

And speaking of help, anyone know where I can get some good cockrings in Bangkok? I want something made of stainless steel for a friend. Notice that it is always ‘for a friend’?


The reason why I am asking is because of this video:


Came 3 times the first time I watch this. Dick is not as hard on my 4th attempt for the Tenga Flip Lite so I thought maybe I could use a little help. Wink!