Someone at Fridae once wrote to me and said that since I look so gorgeous, why would I even need the Tenga sex toys.

My reply is this:  it is not everyday that I am in the mood to look for sex.

Sex with a tenga is better than sex with a starfish

This picture of a tiger and a pig have no relevance to my post here whatsoever. Except maybe I am the tiger and just had my fun. Wink!

Simply put there will be time when you just want to spend some quality time to yourself – to find your centre once again and to re-focus and to track your progress.

Sex is good but when you had a bit too much, you want to make sure you dont have an addiction problem and like most celebrities had shown us, sex addiction is NOT a good thing.

Tenga is also great as a foreplay for me and my partner. That is how I get aroused and how I arouse him.

The other way is some bondage or blindfold. Yeah I sound kinky but hey that’s me. When I am blindfolded I had to rely on my other senses: smell, hearing, and feeling. So sexual arousal via these channels are highly sensual as well.

Tenga is also my backup when sex with a partner goes horribly wrong. Not a huge fan of what most people will call, a Starfish. I think there’s nothing too exciting about fu*king a starfish. It kills the mood for me.

If I have to fu*k a starfish I would have just masturbated with my Tenga and watch porn. Aint that more simple and direct?

So I will just politely excuse myself go back to my hotel and stick my hardon into a Tenga, and I have many to choose from.

Quiz: what’s worst than having a starfish? A starfish that doesnt feel tight. I am a top so naturally I can tell if some bottom is tight or not most of the time – of course I can be wrong.

If any top reads this and has some magical way of telling if a hole is tight 100% of the time, teach me please.

Speaking of which, I would like to try ‘air-tight’. If any gay couple is keen to give that a shot, please let me know.