TimeScapes: Rapture by Tom Lowe @ Timescapes

TimeScapes: Rapture by Tom Lowe @ Timescapes

I chanced on this video by Tom Lowe on Vimeo and I admit it was the most uplifting piece of art ever!

It is amazing how the stars and heavenly bodies call out to our soul and fires our imagination since time began. The other reason is that I love the music too.

Personally not in the best of moods cos I may be heading to Iraq so that means:
1. no gym
2. lost of internet
3. threat to physical well being
4. even lesser sex

I am fully aware that it comes with the job but it is just that I am still not come to terms with that fully.

Been so busy with work, sex is the other hobby after gym. Yes, gym comes first and always will. Yes, and takes priority over sex.

So if I am headed to Iraq, it means I gonna smuggle all my tenga collection, or will be ordering them to be delivered to me. My greatest fear is they dont deliver to certain locations or confiscation by the authorities there in Iraq.

Maybe I am worrying too much. I must be growing old.