Work has been crazy lately, and to be able to get some alone time is increasingly difficult.

My recent promotion means I now have more money but it came with a price. I understood that concept but I guess I have underestimated its impact on my life. Anyway, too late for regrets now.

Still managed to keep to my gym routine and dietary plan, and overall I am happy. Just wished I can meet more people and have more sex. I mean honestly, ever hear anyone complain about having had too much sex? Don’t think so.

I can only relish fondly on my last encounter at a hotel in Bangkok. Saw him checking in at the hotel that I am staying. Blond hair with deep blue eyes. Not the kind that would attract me yet somehow I am captivated by his gait and his almost perfect footballer physique. Maybe it has to do with the way he looks at me.

Did not thought much of that and headed out of the hotel once my colleagues arrived at the lobby. 

In fact, I forgot about him till I ran into him again in the lift. He was with his team of guys and they were speaking in German. Cant understand any thing coming out from their mouth but I can tell that part of the conversation has to do with me ( I sensed it from the way they glance at me from the reflection on the shinny elevator door ).

It was then I made a mental note to put on a more menacing look the next day. Perhaps the heavier workload made me looked more dazed than threatening.

They got off the lift and he turned back to glance at me. I looked straight ahead and pretended I did not notice. I had my chance to take a good look at him the entire time inside the lift. And was certain that I wasn’t gonna score with him. He looked too perfect.

I returned to my room and stripped, wrapped myself with the hotel issued bathrobe, and headed for the pool at the roof. Thought I have a quick dip before a shower and bed.

The air was colder than I had thought and I half-regretted my impulse to take a swim the moment I stepped into the pool. I felt sorry for little Kirk and how he would have wished he was inside some place warm and moist instead. Took a while before I fully submerged myself into the pool.

Was not long before I sensed that someone else was at the roof-top with me. I can smell cigarette smoke before that and I thought it was my imagination.

Then I saw him. Blond hair German guy. And I nodded to acknowledge his presence and he reciprocated likewise.

And the starring begins with us taking turns to look each other. And I believe I know what would be going on in his mind cos I was telepatically telling him to get into the pool with me. I believe he was trying to say ‘thanks but no, the icy water will freeze my balls off…”

What he did not know was that I was pleasuring myself all the while ( I am certain he can’t see where my hands were or what I was doing ). Don’t want to shame myself when I present little Kirk to him as I step out of the pool.  I have yet figured out how to stop the shivering as yet.

Half the time I was hoping he would go away so that I can get out of the pool, more than hoping he would come inside. I leaped out of the pool looking as manly as I can and head straight for my robe and towel.

I started to walk to the lift and I can feel that he was following me.

Without speaking, I pressed the button to my floor and his floor. And I think that surprised him somewhat. From the reflection, we checked each other out, and smiled at each other like two shy school boys. When I reached my floor, I walked out of the lift and he followed quietly as if his room was on the same floor.

He followed closely behind without saying anything and followed me into my room as well. He sort of backed me to the wardrobe door and planted a kiss on my lips. Cant say I am a big fan of kissing but I played along anyway. He then untie the straps of my robe and has his hands around my waist and began sucking on my nipples – alternating from left to right. Licking it before moving across to the other nipple.

Despite wearing next to nothing but my shorts, I started to feel warm. Then he pressed his groin against mine as if he was trying to stop his penis from escaping. In fact, he was grinding them against mine, with his fingers on my both my nipples, pinching and twisting them as if trying to tune in to the right radio station.

Did not expect my nipples to be that highly receptive to his manhandling, and I was groaning more from the pain or pleasure I cannot really tell. But I know I don’t want him to stop.

The next moment caught me by surprise as well as he yanked my shorts to my knees in one quick stroke. Instantly I felt his warm mouth devouring my manhood. I actually thought I had time to wash up first but I guess it was too late by then, it is either he likes the cheese there or he wont, I could not care less cos I was on cloud nine. I cannot tell if I was more aroused by his nipple torture or the invading mouth. I must have stood there for hours.

I felt the urge to climax shortly and wanted him to stop, but was too weak to resist the pleasure he was offering me. I know that I will not forgive myself if I don’t enter him but I can sense he was determined not to let me move away from the position he had put me.

Without realizing it, I was thrusting my dick into his mouth and my hands were wrapped around his head like a ball and pushing my hips into it as if I were trying to inflate it.

I thought I heard myself whimper, asking him to stop, protesting that I want to top him properly instead of giving up my seeds just like that but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

I felt the pressure off my right nipple, and a new sensation on my balls. First it was a gently touch which quickly turned into a clamp that suddenly shut onto them. It sent pain and made up jumped with panic, and instinctively,  I tried to save them by slapping my hand onto his wrist like handcuffs and tried to pull them away. He just latched on tight and sucked me all the while harder and pinched my other nipple with more force, determined to twist it off completely.

This rash act eroded all my defense to keep myself from cumming and I ejaculated unexpectedly. I felt the intense contractions again and again and it feels like it will never end. With that it dashed all hopes of me f**king him that night.

Despite the pain and aches, I could only stand on tip-toe motionlessly and pumped all my semen into his mouth uncontrollably.

I had always been able to tell when the orgasm is coming on. I  could feel the tightening of the scrotum as the balls were pulled closer to my body, the trembling of my body, the aching sensations within the groin that can only be soothed by ejaculation.

Not this time. This time I felt like I am a machine and he was the master operator who know exactly which button to press, and he knows when to press which button in a timely sequence.

This time I had no control over my body. I barely can hold onto his head for support while I gently pulled my abused and sore dick out his mouth, and fell onto my knees like a pile of brick ( I finally understood this expression now ), gasping for air like I had just ran a race.

I had my hand in front of me on the carpet floor to support my body as my knees were beginning to hurt from the sudden felling and was staring onto the carpet floor, and panting like a hurt beast. I could not even lift my head to look at him.

Next, I felt a hand on my shoulder and his voice whispering to my left ear the number of his room. I also hear the door open and shut.

It was a few minutes before I mustered enough strength to stand up, and stagger to the shower. Took me less than 2 seconds to pass out from the pain and the unforgettable pleasure he had given me.

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