My last trip to Bangkok was the most fruitful. Partly because I had the chance to catch up with some old friends and to meet new ones.

The best catch is a Thai cop. A traffic cop to be exact.

I saw him from a distance but could tell that he have a good bod. The thin stretched fabric clinging to his bulging body gave me a good vibe, so much so I failed to realise that he caught me staring at him till it was too late.

I had to drop my gaze and managed to stop myself from crashing into a street side hawker. It will be too awkward if that happens.

Normally I would not give anyone a second look, let alone turn back, or find some stupid excuse to sneak another look, but I gave in to temptation once again and took another glance.

Again he saw me looking at him.

I froze and in the back of my mind I was like: “Get the hell out of there!” but my legs were stiff.

Was a while before I manage a weak smile and dropping his gaze, he smiled back. Close call. With that I found the strength to return another smile and walked away slowly. Had to make sure he follows.

Slowed down hoping he walked past so I can follow him but he kept his speed and distance. Seems to me he wanted to check me out further. Always love the mating dance before the show.

Eventually I stop, put on my best effort to look lost, pretended I was happy to see a cop, and asked him for directions to my hotel. I thanked him and asked if he would like to come over my room for a coffee, he said yes but will drop by later that day after his shift was over.

So 11 days of lonesome night came to an end. He showed up quite unexpectedly as I was not sure he would come over. Honestly I forgot having asked him over.

The TV was on and I was busy at work, determined to get everything done so I have a day off the next day and maybe drop by at DJ Station after nightfall.

He looked just as hot but I prefer him in his uniform, and his boots and shades.

He is the perfect combination of a top and a bottom. Let me explain. The real reason why I have the hots for him is because he looks masculine – in fact so man, that he must be a pure top. What makes the other part interesting is that I know he wants me to top him more. What makes that different from a versatile is that this guy would never allow a guy to top him generally but makes a rare exception to me. Get the idea?

I am aware how strange this will sound to anyone but that’s the way I like it. So you can imagine the power struggle behind the mating dance. Both trying to gain control yet hoping the other person resort to some restrained violence to prove his dominance.

Normally I would like to describe the intimate details of sex but not this time as it was more like a mini-wrestling match in bed. For instance, if he was on my neck planting kisses and trying to bruise me, I would be nibbling away at his nipples to force him to push my head away. Or when he is blowing me, he would try to insert his finger into my hole.

Half the time I was wondering if he were picturing me to be some bitch cos he sure made me feel like I need to fight him off. He was quite out of control, lost in his insane heat to have sex.

And I was not going to give in without a fight anyway. Midway it was clear that each of us are not winning the game as we are not about to give in. And all this while we are too guarded. I had to do something or it will be  a highly frustrating situation.

So I did a little psychological analysis and thought what the heck. If he were to claim I assault him, he must explain why he is at my hotel room that night. So I applied more pressure and manhandled him quite roughly.

Have a strong hold on his hand and twist it like martial art and have his arm behind his back, slammed him face down and put my body on top of him to pin him down.

That caught him off-guard and literally end the little fight we had earlier.

With his hand and entire hand behind me, there was nothing he could do. There was a bit of fear from his eyes, some sort of panic. When he tried to move, I would apply more pressure and he would stop.

And I approach his back of his head and sighed into his ears. I want him to concede ‘defeat’, and prepare to be my bitch that night – whether he wants it or not.

I move carefully as I want to retain control over him while toying with him. I want to move about without loosing drip while taking care not to break his wrist at the same time. A delicate situation.

Having turned around, I licked his ass and rimmed his hole. I can feel that he tensed up as he knows what is in store – and I knew he needed more persuasion. Made some feeble protest but I think it was more to adjust so that his erected penis have more room to expand.

I was also rubbing my erection against his head and the back of his neck, in a thrusting motion while rimming his tight firm and flawless man-cunt, inserting my fingers and slide them in and out in smooth repetitions.

Pinned him in that position for a long while as I took advantage of his hole. When I sense that he was lost in ecstasy, I release my grip and push my tongue deep into his glory hole.

He let out a moan and lifted his ass higher to accommodate his fully erected manhood, and position himself for me to service his wanton and neglected hole.

Within seconds I can see that he is air-f*cking as he thrust his hips back and forth, that is the signal I need to insert into him.

Pumping more lubricants into his hole, I slide my tool into him, feeling his tense up from the pain and then gradually went limp again.

I pounded into him, gradually and deliberately at first, making sure I was fully inserted, then a short and quick secondary thrusts to make sure I hit his prostate, then withdraw in slow motion.

And just as he sighed a relieve, I rammed into him again so that he have to catch his breath again.

This went on for quite a while and his screams, soft at first, became louder as he is lost to pleasure. I had to push his face into the bed to make him shut up even though his voice excites me like hell. Co-workers might hear me cos I was in the middle room.

I turned him over to face up but all I could see was his tightly closed eyes and opened mouth mouthing something totally incomprehensible.

I adjusted myself, planted my feet firmly on the carpeted floor and resume f*cking him. His legs were pointed straight to the ceiling and resting against my chest. I was holding them like a mechanic on a handle.

After what seems like an eternity, he was screaming ‘stop’, ‘wait’, ‘wait’ but this train is not about to pull the brakes on him. I ignored his protests and pumped faster and harder. I am determined to punish this cop for being a slut.

Eventually I reached a high I wanted and exploded much to my surprise. He was still moaning non-stop. I pulled out, took some of my cum in my hand and jacked him off and he came shortly after.

Left him in bed babbling nonsense while I showered. He came to join me after a while. And we basically f*cked like this many nights in a row. A pity I out-fought him most of the time.