This is probably the most hilarious reaction from the Tenga Flip Air Lite informercial video (or Tenga Flip Lite as it was known in some parts of the world), on YouTube.

I was expecting the guy to be impressed or amazed but his reaction is anything close to that effect and caught me off guard.

Maybe I am just way too horny to think straight and would gladly stick my hardon into anything that resembles pleasure. Did not occur to me that it might be a ‘torture device’ or a ‘cigar cutter’ as Jasun claimed. LOL!

So maybe not everyone is into sex toys that does not look like a sex toy huh.

All said and done, I love the way he looked and his final ‘yeah, right!’ expressions – coupled with that bushy eyebrow: all speaks volume.

Currently he has 173 videos and with those eyes and good voice, am sure he will continue to get more fans all over the world. What I am trying to say is, this guy is cute.

The actual Tenga Flip Air video that he commented on:

Tenga Flip Air Lite, Tenga Flip Air (Solid Black, Melty White)

Tenga Flip Air Lite, Tenga Flip Air (Solid Black, Melty White)

That said, I still have yet to figure out what are the real differences in terms of pleasure cos I only have the white Flip Air so far and the Tenga Flip Lite… Who knows, maybe the next sex toy will look like some ball cushers to him?