There were two major breakthroughs  for the LGBT community this year:

1. DADT (or Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) will soon became a thing of the past since July 22, 2011 although it will still take some time for the entire Pentagon, like the rest of the servicemen and women to fully come to terms with this new change.,_don%27t_tell

2. Same-sex marriage in the New York became legal on July 24, 2011 – one month after the New York State Legislature passed the Marriage Equality Act.

Same-sex marriage in New York became legal via the Marriage Equality Act

Same-sex marriage in New York became legal via the Marriage Equality Act

These represent a positive step towards a more tolerant and open-minded planet and more acceptance but for some – including myself, do not think that it will end here. Maybe we are hoping to see more good news in other parts of the world before we have the real permission to celebrate?

Nonetheless I would expect the Church and oppositions to have plenty to say. Or maybe they are preparing for another fight to repeal and reverse all that had happened. So let’s see how it goes eventually.

So you really cannot blame me for being less hopeful. I am glad but still doubtful.

Having said that allow me to clarify that I am not in denial, or closeted. It is my choice not to be too open with my sexual orientation. While the L, G and T groups are actively involved in the fight towards greater awareness, acceptance, repealing against discriminating laws and policies and the likes, I have a feeling that the B group in the LGBT community are less excited. Maybe it is just me opinion. LOL!