Been living in Singapore for quite a few months and before I realise it, I am becoming quite keen of the place. Bangkok’s flood situation means that I may continue my stay in Singapore for a while. Not that I mind.

Thank goodness my neurotic boss is agreeable to me staying put for now. Maybe he is not willing to pay the higher insurance premium and risk sending me back there to complete the project, or maybe like myself, he is terrified of snakes too. So I am sort of doing the tasks remotely.

fun at singapore hotel gym by sexy tenga

The fellatio was amazing and better than actual sex?


Had the pleasure to meet with some really cool guys so far: a civil service officer (equivalent to a fireman), a high school teacher, and two gym instructors (coincidence perhaps?).

The night scene was better than my last visit to Singapore. Perhaps it was because of the new friends who opened my eyes to the non-scene places in Singapore. The gay scene is not really my kind of thing to start with.

The pictures at the notice board where they list their four instructors allowed me to identify them quite easily – that was to make sure I don’t hit on any of them no matter how tempting it were. I was not eager to be thrown out of the hotel in any case.  

So on a wet Saturday morning, I thought I will put in an additional hour of cardio workout at the hotel gym which is severely under-utilized.

If there is one thing you need to know about me is that all my defences are up once I hit the gym with the gloves on. That means I don’t socialize. I mean, if you are in the mood for a chat, why do it in the gym?

I did not expect anyone to be at the gym that early on a weekend, in fact, I was half certain that it will be closed. Turns out, it was opened, and the radio was on and I saw the cutest instructor was already there and was working out at a corner where the free weights were.

Unlike the other instructors who were eager to please and welcome you, this guy was like not trying to greet me or say hello, or whatever, but I really don’t wanna care.

But he did came close so I gave him one quick nod (to acknowledge his territory presence) and I was on the treadmill pounding it like it owed me money.

Lo! and behold! this gorgeous creature took the machine beside me. Was that his death wish? For his fitness level (based on his physical development) he should be running at a higher pace, and not at the sub-optimal speed. In other words, it is obvious he just want to check me out.

Anyway, I was not about to give in and get friendly – that is until I saw his ‘morning wood’ sticking out painfully from his shorts like they want to be set free. I cannot even walk with an erection, and this guy is actually jogging!

Trying hard not to stare, I must have taken at least 2000 glances of his crotch in the mirror in front of me and I believe he had already caught me ogling at him.

He is about 5’9″, jet black hair, and has a very tiny waist, tatts on his calves, and a ring on his index finger. I believe he is about 30 years of age and looking really hot.

Almost suddenly he stopped his machine and sat on the bench behind the machines with his erection pointing at the ceiling in all its glory. I supposed his manhood had grown to a very uncomfortable size and he needs to get it down before it explodes from the friction from rubbing it in his pants. That was before I spotted a dark patch on his pants where his penis should be.

Almost instinctively, I turned the speed down to a strolling speed and made eye contact. I want him to know that I love what I was seeing. This guy is leaking cum juice all over himself.

He casually walked over the door, and with a turn of the latch, locked it. He also turned down the lights at the entrance and came back to his bench and sat there, with his right hand just over his crotch, and kept a steady gaze at me.

And all this while, he looked more pissed than friendly. I guess that would be how I would myself appear to other people too.

I stopped the machine and, avoiding eye contacts, headed to the shower. I quickly stripped, and walked to the shower totally nude. I can sense that he was just behind me.

Was not long before I noticed that he had followed likewise and took the stall directly opposite mine.

Because the doors were frosted glass, I can still easily see whatever he was doing. Everytime he turn around, he would be washing his genitals, and when he turn his back against me, he will be cleaning his hole. Perfect!

When I turn the taps off and stepped out to towel dry, he opened the glass door, turned down the tap, but continued to shower. And I just stood there, with an intend gaze that won’t quit looking at him.

I love the way his back looked with the right proportions and definition. This guy sure took good care of his body. His legs were well formed with muscular calves, and he has straight short black hair covering his entire legs – making them all the more sexy.

What made him really distinctive is his thick neck. And a black chain that sits nicely there.

He turned suddenly and flashed a smile. I took that as an invitation and stepped into his stall.

There was no introduction, no ‘good mornings’, nothing but a pair of hot lips to wrap around mine.

The water was running all over us, and we embraced there for quite awhile as if we were communicating telepathically.

He then placed his hands on my chest and I had mine on his waist, just want to feel them for myself. He caress and held me at the back of my shoulders and headed south slowly but deliberately. And as he plants soft kisses on my chest, lowered himself gradually till he faces my engorged penis that was screaming for attention.

His nose met my dick and he licked it like a popsicle before he opened his lips and envelop my fully-grown dick.

The water was warmer than my liking but that did not stop me from face-fucking this bitch in a steady mechanical motion.

My last fuck was 4-days ago so I should have a fully filled prostate that would need some good urgent release.

Was not long before I was ramming into his mouth was a steady rhythm and was soon rocking to the radio that was playing overhead.

My hands were wrapped around the back of his head so I can access the depth I am pushing into him. Even so he was gagging most of the time.

Then he did something that I had always love but never admitted to anyone. His fingers formed a ring about my cock and the fingers from his other hand formed another ring at the balls, trapping them in his palm and restricting their movements.

And from time to time he jerked and yanked on them to create an intense, sharp yet pleasurable pain that would make me yelp out in agony.

I thought to myself: ‘so he likes some rough play huh?’ So I grabbed a handful of his hair and tugged at them too. That seems to drive him wild as well cos he was moaning quite loudly.

I usually can last long but the combined stranglehold on my aching balls and the cockring was more than I can bear. It is as if all the blood were trapped in my penis and they are about to burst. The nuts were in extreme pain and I would knelt onto the floor if he were to release his death grip on them.

I slowed down to ease the built-up pressure to ejaculate but he had other ideas instead. He shoved me and had me backed onto the wall and gave a firm tug on my balls, causing me to bend my knees and to lower my hip to lessen the pull on the balls.

And he intensified the sucking. Making me gasp and heave, and I could not control myself from making wild and weird sounds between the short breaths I was forced to take cos of the pain and the intense pleasure.

Instead of thrusting, my hips were immobilized  – afraid to move and feeling more pain. Instead of taking charge, he was in charge. I draw my head back and was groaning perhaps louder than he had been earlier.

His tongue was lashing against the sore penis head mercilessly, determined to peel what was left of the foreskin away. I can also feel it forcing its way into the tiny piss slit, and was strumming at the frenulum like it was a guitar string. His lips were tightly clamped onto the penis shaft and giving me a accupressure treatment for the hardest erection ever!

What I thought was the prelude was now the main act. I was not prepared to blow my nuts like this but he was equally determined to tease them out from my prostate forcefully.

My balls were aching like hell – when they tried to draw closer to my body so they may release the loads, he forced them to remain in his hand instead, and crushed in his palm.

Seeing no way to escape from his mouth, my cock surrendered the treasured milk into his wet orifice with pulsing contractions that seemed like an eternity.

Just as I thought it was over, he released his grip on my balls and continue to jack me off and I came again, to my surprise, pushing more semen out of my badly abused a and sore cock.

Never knew that multiple orgasm was even humanly possible.

And without saying a word, left me where I was, and walked away as if nothing had happened. I was clutching my bruised balls, after kneeling on the floor for several minutes.

By the time I finished my shower and left the place, I noticed that the door was unlocked and some other hotel guests were headed towards the gym.

We met several times after that at the gym after that, and only when my balls were ready for more painful pleasure from him.