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Oh look, no hands!

"Budd, stop doing that, you are turning me on big time!"

Meet me in my room tonight you sexy thing


Almost the entire world is captivated with the 2012 Olympics in London at the moment and I have lost hours of sleep over it as well. I suspect that the irony is that these sports event do nothing to increase our participation in sports. At least not until AFTER the event.

Not gonna bore you with the sporting results or my opinions about any sports or sports person. Instead I hope to share some juicy bits I managed to gather from the Internet about this London Olympics.

Perhaps these pictures are the real reason why we wanna watch these sport events in the first place? Just kidding.

Suffice to speculate that the porn industry will take a back seat for the moment and we can expect Tenga sales to dip significantly during this period. I expect to see some real discounts for these sex toys.

The only exception is if you find it thrilling to masturbate while watching the more erotic sporting events like diving, wrestling, and so on… or indulge in the sexy sporty boyish looks of some really hot men (or women), and if that’s your cup of tea, by all means, have a blast with your Tenga masturbators!

That said I am gonna post some of the gorgeous pictures at my other blog at tumblr ( and on FaceBook ( Wink!


Other noteworthy mentions related to the 2012 Olympics:

The continuation took me longer to pen down than I had intended partly due to the increased workload and more time with my Thai cop friend.

The reason I can find some time to write was because I now have more time to myself although I am happily entertained by some old friends as well as new ones in Singapore.

I am also thankful that I am back at Raffles Hotel (for a few nights) and I look forward to my stay at the other new hotels in this country. Many changes and many surprises.

I also noticed the heightened homeland security in this country but sad to say, the guys in uniform did not impressed me (sexually). Maybe it is a good thing? LOL!

Time spent with my Thai cop aroused another sexual aspect in me. For the longest time, the mystery remains, what is the real deal for the bottoms. And I had one chance to find out when I almost let him have his way with me when I was held down and somehow he managed to slip in a finger up where the sun don’t shine.

Well he did not exactly held me down too well but I did freeze in my position as I do want him to ‘show’ me what it was like to be a bottom. So his first finger went in and it felt totally weird and wrong. He sensed me tensed up and asked me to stop holding my breath.

He then slipped both fingers in and that was when I felt something. Could not exactly describe it except I had a hardon and it still felt weird. And that was when I freaked out and before he even completely withdrawn his finger I flipped him over and took advantage of my erection and rammed into him instead.

I admit I am curious but I am not prepared to have a role reversal as I think I know where I am heading and there’s probably no going back.

My erection reminded me that I have a tool, a weapon, a statement. Maybe I have a long way to go but I think the fight is psychological if anything.

Anyway I rammed him partly out of extreme horniness and partly anger for almost stealing my manhood or virginity. Either way, I think he was totally wasted by the time I was done with him – he actually stayed over in my room that night and not the lame “I have to go back home or wife and family will miss me and ask many questions…”

I held his legs high and wanted to make him pay for even the guts to think he could get that far with me. I am not into violence but somehow I want him to know that he had somehow offended me and he was gonna pay.

I was losing it literally as I was throwing him around like some soul less creature that could not feel pain yet I want him to cry out, and beg me to stop. I was controlling him and putting him in all sorts of positions. The more he accommodate me in my madness, the more it angered me.

I must have pounded him for hours because he was having his erection most of the time, and many time I have to let go of his ankle / knee just to stop him from masturbating himself to get off but holding his wrist. Every time I do that he would end up biting his lower lips and squeezing his eyes tightly shut, and his mouth will open to let out a silent scream, or clenching his teeth together.

Towards the end of his happy ordeal he was even making weird noise and I had to tell him to shut up even as I struggle to keep up with my own breathing. Once he had to push away my hand that had wandered to his neck and was choking him.

I had the most awesome orgasm and I pumped my semen into him as if I fear my seeds will leaked onto the bed and even after ejaculation, stayed inside him till I was certain all my semen are safely deposited inside him.

By the time I washed up and returned to bed he was already fast asleep. I woke him to remind him he had to go but he said he rather spent the last night with me instead. This was also the first time some guy stayed over but I made sure I set the alarm to go off earlier in the morning in case my colleagues came knocking on my door to ask me to join them for breakfast.

I was so glad that there were no emotional goodbyes and he took it well in his stride when I told him the fun came to an end. There was no need for promises or other shit of any kind. I am so glad he kept to his agreement and not to expect anything to come out of this arrangement. We both have our lives and it will be foolish to think otherwise.

Maybe you may think it was being too cold but that was how it was and will always be. I am not apologetic in any way and anyone can judge me in any way that they want. I honestly don’t care.

Honestly I do miss him but I know we probably won’t be seeing each other again. He probably would have happily put it behind him sooner than me anyhow.

I know I have my Tenga and other masturbators to keep me happy but I just wonder how he is going to get by without a stick up his hole when he is in the mood for some manly love. Hopefully the few Tenga masturbation toys I left him will keep him happy for a while and maybe remember me by.