Been getting loads of questions visitors of this blog and from Fridae (and recently gaydar, manjam… dont like to repeat myself so I made this FAQ to make life easier for me (and visitors)

Name: Kirk O.

Gender: Male

Place of Origin: Brazil  (born in Brazil and lived there till 5 years old). Now I am an American citizen and home is in NYC. But I travel so much I am only there like 45 days per year. Spend another 21 days in Perth too.

Orientation: Straight (but I like to “do” other guys), and no, I am not a gay in denial!

Favourite Pastime: Getting laid, workouts at the gym, rugby, computer games (Starcraft, SIREN -made me jump DAMMIT!)

Favourite Sex toy: Tenga from Japan from (obviously!)

Favourite Drink: Bungdung (Rose syrup with milk – too bad about the pink colour)

Favourite Food: Salads and sandwiches

Most Challenging Moment: Resist rape attempt (after I got drugged and drunk)

Number of Ex-Girlfriends: 27

Number of Ex-Boyfriends: ZERO dont see myself in a relationship with a guy (but keeping my options open for now)

Favourite Artists: James Blunt, David Cook, Rihanna, Elton John, Annie Lennox, Sarah Brightman

 Favourite Time of the Day: Morning – I am a morning person and I can’t wait for the day to begin

Favourite Quote: “Everybody wants to go to Heaven; but nobody wants to die.” (Sorry if it sounds morbid)

Top 3 Types of people I dont like:

1. Drunks
2. Violent People
3. Violent Drunks