Relating my man-to-man experiences here. Obviously to protect some identities (including my own) some information have been modified.

Lost Love (Reason for TENGA)

Bangkok Relief

Bangkok Relief Part 2

Sex Predators

College Peephole


Fiji Gym 

Currently in Bangkok and I am resisting going to the sauna. DJ Station’s awesome and managed to keep a low profile so far but I have some dudes who manages to id me and asked pointblank if I am Kirk / sexytenga. What the hell was that all about? What happened to ‘tact’?

Maybe they were just lucky. It is hard to keep an id secret. Damn glad I resisted putting up my pictures (with visible facial features) or showing it to a stranger over the Net.


Fun in Mongolia

Bound And Gagged

Robotic Sex Machine 
One of the best fellatio experience ever!