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Oh look, no hands!

"Budd, stop doing that, you are turning me on big time!"

Meet me in my room tonight you sexy thing


Almost the entire world is captivated with the 2012 Olympics in London at the moment and I have lost hours of sleep over it as well. I suspect that the irony is that these sports event do nothing to increase our participation in sports. At least not until AFTER the event.

Not gonna bore you with the sporting results or my opinions about any sports or sports person. Instead I hope to share some juicy bits I managed to gather from the Internet about this London Olympics.

Perhaps these pictures are the real reason why we wanna watch these sport events in the first place? Just kidding.

Suffice to speculate that the porn industry will take a back seat for the moment and we can expect Tenga sales to dip significantly during this period. I expect to see some real discounts for these sex toys.

The only exception is if you find it thrilling to masturbate while watching the more erotic sporting events like diving, wrestling, and so on… or indulge in the sexy sporty boyish looks of some really hot men (or women), and if that’s your cup of tea, by all means, have a blast with your Tenga masturbators!

That said I am gonna post some of the gorgeous pictures at my other blog at tumblr ( and on FaceBook ( Wink!


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