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This will be my 24th visit to Singapore. And as per my previous attempts to lay low, I got stalked. Many times!

Before you think I am a slut, remember that it wasnt my deliberate intention to seek out a fun buddy. Things just happened.

He was on a visit trip to spend time with his brother who is working for an offshore bank in Singapore. He was generally evasive to some of the questions I asked and I did not press on.

He has got a nice tanned skin, deep-set eyes, and probably the most luscious eye lashes that would make anyone envious. And like most Asians, he is relatively short and petite. But very accommodating.

When I first chatted him up, he was aloof but I thought that perhaps his command of English is not as good, or maybe he wasnt too confident, but I later learned that I was the second guy that he had sex with so naturally he was more guarded. I believe him cos it took me a long time to get it inside him, and it was awkward and clumsy. I would have believe he was a virgin if he said he were.

Fortunately (for me, and perhaps for him as well), once the party started it lasts and lasts, and lasts.

I love his agility and willingness to try everything. There was nothing he wouldn’t try. And his stature meant I can handle him quite expertly. The best part, he was hard and remained hard when I penetrated him, and he would gasp and bite his lips whenever things got rough (not a whimper). When he was ecstatic, he would toss his head back, and made weak attempts to suppress his moans and panting. Major turn-on!

I also like the way he took charge without being too aggressive: he would initiate a change in position when I was near to ejaculation, and I welcome the interruption with no protest.

Yet in whichever new position we are f**king, he would take that extra care to slide into my erected dick in with intense deliberation, to maximise my and his pleasure.

He would arch his pelvis to ensure a complete penetration, and move in a manner and speed that edged me close to orgasm within seconds. While he was enjoying himself, he would check to see that I was enjoying myself as well. There was so much eye contact.

So imagine all that attention to details, almost virgin-tight hole, and an acrobatic stuntman sitting on your spent dick. The best combination any top would love.

Am so glad I did not pass him up despite the initial unpleasantness. Maybe they are right, you really shouldnt judge a book by its cover. This guy is deep! Wink!

I have made a lot of friends on Fridae, FaceBook, and on this WordPress blog I have started more than a year ago.

And it is always rewarding and entertaining to read the comments that were left here, as well as the messages on FaceBook.

Some of the common questions pertains to my fittness: my workout plan, the kind of food I eat, how tall or heavy I am, how to have huge chest like mine, whether I use steroid, what supplements I take.

Other questions are directed towards sex: am I really a bisexual, what is a bisexual like, whether I still have sex with girls, whether I have threesome or orgies, how big is my dick, whether it is thick, etc.

And of course, the annoying questions and requests: can I send out my used tenga masturbation cups, buy tenga from me, where else to get the tenga cups, which tenga cups I like, which I don’t.

This means 2 things: I did not explain myself enough on my blog or FaceBook, or that I need to elaborate more.

So here goes, the FAQ:

1. Fitness

  • I don’t do drugs – never had, never will
  • Birthday: 1-Jan
  • Height: 5’9
  • Weight: between 196 to 205 lbs
  • Supplements: just Whey protein mix, with juice. Am lactose intolerant so makes it kind of challenging.
  • Favorite food: eggs, beef, turkey breasts, cottage cheese – sometimes all blended together with the protein mix. Yum!

2. Sex

  • Shoe size: no complains so far
  • Girth: did not measure – big enough; no complains either.
  • Bisexual means I enjoy sex with guys as well as girls. But girls tend to have too much hang-ups and emotional attachments.
  • Fetishes: into too many things but I stop at scat and pain, and scars, and violence.
  • Favorite: I don’t have a favorite type or look. Asians ideal but only if there’s little culture shock. Perfers non-virgins. Good also if you are versatile or a top mostly but wanting me to top you.
  • Role: I am pure top. Ok if you finger me a bit, nothing more. Does not do much for me anyway. Maybe because the guys I met are not doing it right, or maybe because I don’t have a prostate? LOL!

3. Tenga

  • I dispose of the non-reuseable cups as soon as I can. Semen is too musky for my liking, real strong after a day so I doubt you really want it. Anyway I don’t want trouble at the post office too.
  • I have no real preference where I buy tenga from. Started with and have been buying from them since. They have the variety and the free stuffs. Not an endorsement but I recommend the products cos I like them. I am not related to them. Buy from whoever and wherever you please. I really don’t care.
  • I have a full time job which takes up most of my life. I like it that way, I let gym take the other part, what’s left is reserved for sex or a private play with tenga. Iam not the spokesman, or paid to sell tenga. Honestly, what you do to get pleasure is really not my concern.
  • Favorite products: I generally like everything but prefer the white than the black for the deep throat cup, fliphole, fliplite. Egg is really portable. The tenga hole warmer (the reuseable type, not the electric power ones) is good to keep yourself warm too – I have 8 with me in really cold places and use them when I need some warmth fast. Air cushion is a little too small and tight for me. The US soft tube is prefect in many ways.

So which comment was I refering to when I wrote this post? Take a read and let me know if this is a praise or an insult cos I could not figure it out for the longest time:

“Kirk, I been reading your blog. Apparently the tenga sex toys you blog about has made a change in me. I was a closet gay for the longest time and somehow, you have brought me out of Naria. No thanks to you.”