OK I admit. I love Tenga. My girlfriends say that they ARE the sex toy and I should play more with them/ I disagree. In fact, I think sometimes you are tired and wants to be left alone but you can be horny and not in the mood to socialize. The thing about masturbation is that you just want to pleasure yourself especially if you have a bad day and not in the mood to talk.

Using the hand is fine but sensation-wise I want my entire dick to receive attention. So if I am playing with the head I neglect the shaft, and vice versa. And at the end of the day, a hand is just a hand – it cannot be a vagina, or the anus, or someone’s mouth. The texture element is just not there. Maybe it is just me – when I spent time alone, I want QUALITY time alone!

Of course the other reason is that I cannot be bothered about the other person. So when my girl gives me hell and it is too impossible to get together with her, I take out my tenga. The fact that I travel so much cos of my work does not help either. If you think that a bod like mine should be quite easy to get laid – you obviously have not been to a place/ country called Fiji, or Jakarta.


So now you have a good idea why tenga is now part of my life – practically it is the best thing since the invention of lubricated condoms. Functionally, it is more than a simple masturbator. I have also tried Fleshlight and trust me, washing the thing can be a real chore. What is it about semen that makes it smell so bad? Gross! And there’s no way that big thing can travel around the world with me – have you seen the size of that thing!?! Any idea how cumbersome it can be or how embrassing it will be when airport security fish it out of your luggage in full view of other passengers, and one of them happens to be YOUR boss?

So for convenience and those “moment of desperation” I carry 1 of the tenga cup for every 3 days that I will be away. If I gonna be at Fiji for 3 weeks I will have 7 tenga safely in my luggage. As added insurance, I also have the reusable Flip hole with me.

So that’s my take on tenga. Look I dont sell them but I have stock for my use. Yes, you heard it right. Stock. I buy in cartons whenever I am in Singapore. I dont trust the tenga in other countries especially if they are 3rd world and absolutely not in China or Taiwan or Hong Kong. They have countless imitations and I really dont fancy having skin reaction from these inferior imitations. Just look at the milk contamination incident. I dont want to ruin my sex life!

Sex with people. Yes you want some companionship and human touch but like I mention, some girls and guys are doing it for money and I dont need to catch a disease for 2 minutes of fun – risk aint worth it. A colleague got robbed bringing a stranger back to his hotel. He became the joke in our company for MONTHS!

Hey if you are the man who invented tenga, just want to say thanks. Arigato!